How are Vastu Shastra and Numerology related to each other?

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July 31, 2023

As far as the spiritual awareness goes it is already growing amongst the population and for the reason majority of the affluent population is demanding vastu compliant homes. Designing, coloring, directions, and other essential elements should be in harmony with the principles of vastu Shastra. A vastu compliant home brings prosperity and is advantageous to the people occupying it. Not only does vastu Shastra suggests utilizing space and elements in perfect harmony but is also about optimum use of space and structuring it well enough.

Apart from it all, the essential element that vastu Shastra stresses upon is direction and that is related to the planet it is ruled by, then the connection between the ruling numbers is what empowers it and becomes essential for an individual. There is a correlation between vastu Shastra and numerology as explained by vastu expert from Dubai in the following manner.

Vastu and Numerology

There is a definite interconnection between vastu Shastra and numerology as each direction is related to the ruling number of that said space and when these are inculcated in vastu it helps in achieving astounding results.

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For instance, prime directions as per vastu principles are:

  1. East governed by Sun
  2. West governed by Saturn
  3. North  governed by Mercury
  4. South governed by Mars

The planet governing that direction is specified and so are the numbers related to these directions, these are as follows:

1 is the number assigned to Sun

5 is the number assigned to Mercury

9 is the number assigned to Mars

8 is assigned to Saturn

As explained earlier these planets are associated with specific directions that are mentioned in Vastu Shastra. Let us look at more of it in-depth:

  • North east is governed by Jupiter/ Ketu, the number associated with the planet is 3 while for Ketu the number is 7
  • South east is governed by the planet Venus, the number associated with the planet is 6
  • North west is governed by Moon / Rahu wherein the number associated with moon is 2 and Rahu is associated with number 4

Utilizing the Correlation of Vastu Shastra and Numerology

Now that there is clarity regarding correlation between vastu Shastra and numerology, utilizing it for the benefit of the individual or the placement of objects or choosing the right property that would benefit the seeker is all that is to understand and apply accordingly.

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  • Emphasis on personal number of the owner of the house in relation to the direction of the house with the ruling planet will benefit in achieving positive results.
  • Vastu Shastra and numerology when used in perfect sense brings harmony and success.
  • Vastu principle applied on the plot or house number or building number makes it vastu compliant.
  • Calculating lucky direction and lucky number in harmony with the personal number of the individual brings us to helping the individual gain maximum benefits of vastu Shastra and numerology combination.

Therefore, it is essential to seek guidance and consultation of a professional like vastu expert from Dubai knowing all the applicability of correlation and combination effectively. A personal in-depth analysis and a tailor made plan that would suit the vastu Shastra needs of the individual will help them achieve harmony and prosperity with relation to the property they are purchasing.

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