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February 15, 2023

Industrial vastu is essential to balance the energy of the space that would enable in providing best results in business and bring abundance to the owner of the industry. However, with significant vastu adjustments and following vastu principles even vastu doshas in industrial space can be dealt with as per vastu consultants from Dubai. Let us understand why and how vastu for industries in Dubai is significant.

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Significance of vastu for industry

Vastu for industries in Dubai is auspicious as it helps in optimum performance for the unit with good production and good production quality. Vastu Shastra supports every kind of structure; it helps in reducing or nullifying the impact of any negativity that may lead to malfunction or conflict of any kind in industrial premises. When vastu for industry is done by vastu experts from Dubai they provide personalized analysis and remedies that helps in bringing profits to the business.

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When it comes to industrial vastu there are numerous factors that come into play:

 The plot of the industry is taken care of by checking the direction, the slope and inclination of the plot or the slope that should be from south to north. The plot shape should be that of square for best results.
 Boundary of the plot is also essential where the compound walls should be as per vastu Shastra, some should be higher and thicker other needs to be in different direction.
 The industry location should be in the right direction or area, there should be significance space for a corridor around the area leaving place for parking lot and a passage for vehicles. The west and south compounds should be occupied as these are auspicious directions.
 Location of the industry should ideally be in south, south west or south east zones that would bring the business immense profit.
 The entry to the industrial premises shall be in the eastern direction.
 The administrative staff should be ideally sitting in the west or south west directions and the manager overseeing them should be sitting in the north or east while facing these directions.
 Raw material should be placed in the east direction while finished goods should be placed in the north west zone.
 Maintenance workshop is essential in an industrial unit; it should be ideally placed in the south or south west zone of the entire compound. Remember to steer clear off north east and central zone of the area as it would thwart any growth or positive changes.
 Production units that require heat for production process should be in the south east zone of the factory premises. The direction is ideal for furnace, transformers, boilers and other energy meters or materials.
 Toilet area shall be built in the south east or south west directions. Underground water tanks, pumps, bore wells, etc. should be in the north or north east zone.

The tips and information regarding Vastu for industries in Dubai s mentioned above is generic, if you are keen on looking for a professional vastu consultation then vastu expert from Dubai is where you need to get in touch. A good vastu expert will provide you with complete analysis of the plot and provide you solutions as per your industrial needs.

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