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February 8, 2023

Financial growth and productivity of workers are at the optimum level when Vastu Shastra’s tips for the factory are followed, but when these are in non-compliance then the production flaws of vastu cause hindrances in growth and prosperity. It is essential to seek advice from a vastu consultant from Dubai for building a vastu Shastra-compliant factory and for a better factory layout as per vastu principles. The design, concepts, foundation, layout and even the plot for the factory when in compliance with vastu Shastra principles lead to good production and profits. Let us understand the similar concept of Vastu for industries in Dubai and the dos and don’ts for factory vastu in detail. 

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  • The best site for a factory setting is when it is high raised towards the direction of south, south-west or west. 
  • Open spaces and water bodies located in the north or northeast directions are ideal; however, these shall be placed at a low height that is beneficial for a factory layout. 
  • The location of the factory shall be in the east, north, or northeast direction for it to be a profitable venture. 
  • The office of the owner should be ideally in the east or north direction of the factory where the owner shall be facing north direction. 
  • All the finished products/ goods should be placed in the northwest direction. 
  • Workshops and maintenance work offices should be in the south or south-west directions. 
  • The north or east sides are ideal for placing heavy machines.
  • Bore well must be ideally placed in the northeast. Overhead tanks should be built in the southwest direction. 


  • Avoid any site for factories that have large open land in the south, west, and south-west directions as this would lead to losses, and your property will most likely stay abandoned. 
  • The unlevelled or uneven land is the worst for any factory setting as it brings bad luck. 
  • North-east or central zone should be avoided for placing any workshop or heavy machines or anything that would clutter or hinder the energy of that space. 
  • North-east is not the ideal direction for placing any water body such as toilets or septic tanks as it would pollute the good energy of that area rendering it negative in every aspect. 
  • Ensure that you are avoiding placing your heavy or light machines in the northwest and northeast directions of the factory. 
  • The factory premises whether within or outside should be free of any cutter or litter, this especially goes for the northeast area of the entire compound. 
  • Storing raw materials and finished products should be avoided in the northeast area. 
  • Avoid any heating equipment in random areas or zones as it would lead to accidents and breakdowns leading to life endangerment of the workers. 
  • Avoid building or using the northeast zone as a parking lot for any kind of vehicle. 
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These are some of the simple yet effective Vastu for industries in Dubai, however, for detailed factory and plot analysis you need to consult an expert vastu consultant in Dubai. Proper analysis and remedial measures in compliance with Vastu Shastra principles will bring you abundance and profits in your factory. 

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