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February 2, 2023

Emotions are energy and each zone carries different energy, as per vastu there are 16 zones or directions in a place that affects each emotion of the individuals occupying that space. Governed by five elements, fire, earth, air, water and sky, these elements create a harmonious environment when these are balanced as per Vastu Shastra principles. These elements are the core of managing the environment, space energy, and elemental energy and influence everything within that space including the mindset of people living there.

An energy field is created that influences each thought and action; these are negatively influenced when the said elements are out of balance. Let us understand more as per vastu consultant from Dubai about relationship issues that occur due to vastu doshas.

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Dec Blog 3 image 2

Directions and relationships

South-West (S W) Zone

1)Related to harmony, family, intimate relationships and stability. When this directive has a toilet it leads to disputes among family members.
2)Bathroom built in this direction adversely impacts relationships and leads to pitra dosh as this direction is for our ancestors.
3) Wall painted in red or blue in this direction will lead to negative energy, and chaos will prevail in relationships.

Mid of South to South-West (SSW) Zone
The right direction for waste disposal or building bathrooms helps in letting go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions that harm a relationship.

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Dec Blog 3 image 3

North-East (NE) Zone
1) The place of God with divine energy should be used for meditation as it helps in calming the mind.
2) Avoid building a kitchen in this area which may lead to aggression.

Mid of North to North-West (NNW) Zone
1) The pleasure zone and fulfilment of senses and sensual pleasures.
2) Couples’ bedrooms are to be built in this direction for marital bliss.

Numerous such vatu tips are available for bringing relationship harmony whether amongst family members or intimate relationships, but only consulting a vastu professional from Dubai will greatly enhance your luck in relationships.

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