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Vastu Tips for East Facing House- for Abundance
June 29, 2022

As per Vastu Shastra, each space occupied holds a unique energy and each direction signify flow of certain energy. Vibrations associated with it all are what create either a positive or negative impact on the occupants of the residence or the space. When it comes to East facing home, it is said to be one of the most auspicious directions and it is harbinger of good luck too, learn why.

Even with an east facing home one would need to have a home that is vastu compliant, as per vastu for home in Dubai, it is essential to follow the rules of vastu Shastra for maintaining positivity and abundance even in an east facing home. Let us learn about it all.

Vastu Tips for East Facing House- for Abundance

Vastu for east-facing house

1.     Living room

The décor of your living room shall be in the north to east direction of the house. According to Vastu for Home in Dubai, another thing to note is that positive energy should not be hindered and so avoid placing kitchen or bedroom prior to your living room. Dining area or siting arrangement shall be such that the house owner should face the east or north zone.

Vastu for east-facing house

2.     Bedroom

As per professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai, it is essential that your bed should be placed against south or west wall. Your head should be in west or south direction and legs in north or east direction. Remember never to place the attached bathroom that should face the bed, the door of bathroom should always be kept closed. Avoid placing TV set or plants near your bed. Avoid placing mirror opposite to your bed where your bed would be reflected as it would cause numerous bodily ailments. Another thing to avoid is having a temple in your bedroom, same goes for having an idol in your bedroom of any God or Goddess.


3.     Kitchen

The best direction of having kitchen is the south-east where your stove shall be placed. The second best location for kitchen should be in the west or north-west. South-east is the ideal direction for placing electric equipment like toasters, electric cooking tops and microwave or ovens; while keeping the refrigerator in the south-west direction is the ideal placement.

4.     Puja room

This shall be ideally placed in the north-east and while praying the face should be in east direction. The puja room ceiling should be lower than that of other rooms. If you have a dedicated puja room then it should be on the ground floor and avoid having any bathroom near it.

5.     Dining room

Positioning of your dining area or dining room where you specifically have your meals is in the north-west or south-east direction. It is perfect when placed next to or near the kitchen on the same floor. Additionally, having a dining table in the shape of rectangle or square is ideal while any other shape is should be avoided.

Having positive vibrations in the house is essential even in east facing home; consulting vastu consultant and numerologist service in Dubai is the best option for having a personalized consultancy.


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