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vastu tips for bringing growth in business
April 13, 2022

When it comes to achieving growth in business and all your efforts seem to fall short of success then the biggest thing you need to check is for the Vastu. It is a scientific means of bringing growth in business harnessing positivity and balancing the elements within a given space or area as per the directions favorable to it.

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Applying the principles of Vastu Consultant for Business and Growth in Dubai will bring harmony and abundance to your business saving you from business conflicts, financial loss, and low reputation in the market. So, let us learn what tips you can apply within your business premises that will help you achieve growth and prosperity as per Vastu shastra experts from Dubai.

Tips for Business Growth

Earning profits and landing profitable deals that lead to financial gains is a dream that every businessman chases, all this can be achieved with the support you get from applying Vastu tips that helps in gaining good business.

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Following are some of the useful, yet easy to apply Vastu tips for business growth:

  • A commercial place like a business shall always be erected near a functional road or a busy road that helps in boosting business.
  • The prime business entrance to the office should be facing the east or the north direction; the gateway shall be placed to face one of these directions for positivity.
  • Remember not to keep anything heavy at the entrance as it will hinder the positive energy flow in that direction. Fresh flowers shall be kept in the reception area to invite positivity and abundance.
  • Southeast is the ideal direction when it comes to the placement of the pantry and even the electric appliances/ equipment.
  • The business owner should sit in the southwest room where they should be facing the north direction.
  • The back of the business owner should be towards a solid wall, remember not to place any religious figures or pictures in that direction.
  • The desk of the business owner should be rectangle or square and should be made of good wooden quality, remember to keep it decluttered.
  • North West area is the right direction to hang a painting of a white horse to enhance your financial flow and bring stability.
  • The North West direction is where you should arrange seating arrangements for your staff and employees.
  • The Southwest direction is ideal for the account section of your office; the employees of this department shall face the northeast direction.
  • To increase financial flow southwest is the best direction for the placement of the locker that should open in the northeast direction.
  • North West is the ideal direction for conference rooms as this will help in landing fruitful deals and establishing good business relations.

Applying these Vastu tips will enhance your business luck and will help you lead a prosperous business and financial life. If you want a customized reading and consultation then get in touch with Professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai.

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