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June 29, 2022

Working hard yet not getting desired results? Not having job stability or not being able to maintain your foothold in a work place? Well all these may be related to vastu defects as per professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai. Vastu Shastra is based on science and ancient methodology related to balancing different aspects of nature and harnessing the positive vibrations within a given space while working with them in harmony. So when it comes to securing your place at job or having job stability vastu Shastra is where you should begin with.


Professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai suggest you follow some of these tips for job stability:

  • North direction is related to flow and water, one need to balance this direction and the best remedy is to remove clutter for removing negativity that hinders the flow of energy. Next what you can do is to use blue color in this direction, the wall can be painted, the door, window or curtains can be of the same color.
  • Check if there is kitchen or toilet in North direction, it is inauspicious for those who are working or in a job, it negatively affects their mental state thereby keeping them from any job stability. If this is so the person would always want to leave their job or have a frequent job change. To nullify the effects in this direction you should consult with a professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai who provides Vastu Shastra tips without any demolition.
  • To grow on your job front you need to enhance the East direction as it is related to air element and thus by adding plants or having a garden in that direction is beneficial as it would signify growth and opportunity.
  • If you are the one who is often facing work place politics then you should consider the north-west direction as it is the direction for gaining support of your higher ups or your boss and people in power position in your office. Vedasrivastu help you to imbalance in this direction is the reason you are facing such conflicts at your job. One simple remedy is to place a team picture in this direction or place company logo for good results.
  • Looking for recognition but often left behind even after your hard work that goes unrecognized then you should pay attention to any energy conflicts in south direction that is related to bringing in recognition. All your certificates, achievement awards or trophies shall be placed in this direction that will shoot you to rewards and recognition within your work place.
  • At your home all your office stuff too shall be organized and kept well, if this is not kept in the right direction then you will suffer at job front. North and west directions are the best for keeping your office related stuff in your home or your own room.

When you are guided well by professional vastu consultant and numerologist in Dubai, you will be able to utilize each direction for its positive effects and harness good energy. For those who are facing job related issues and conflicts require personal vastu analysis and gain personalized vastu remedies that will quickly work in their favor. Having a relaxed mind, gaining confidence at work place, being recognized by seniors and getting reward & recognition at work with job stability is a goal you shall achieve when you are able to get right guidance.

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