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Numerology for #5 People
July 28, 2022

If you area born on 5, 14, 23 of any month then you are ruled by #5 and the planet of your influence is Mercury. According to Vedasrivastu It is the fieriest yet courage related planet and thus your nature too depicts the same. You have an aura of a person who is always strong no matter what the circumstances; you at times provide strength to people around you. Being a good communicator you are always able to find the right words for right situation and immediately handle everything easily through the talent of being a wordsmith.

Numerology for #5 People

Character traits

  • Mundane is boring and so you tend to veer of a job after a while when it stops being enjoyable.
  • You are warm, intelligent and good communicator that makes it possible to lead people even when you are not in an authority position.
  • It is hard to keep you interested for long whether it is a job or a relationship. You just tend to get bored after a while.
  • You are a quick learner, you love to learn new things and often you learn it on the job.
  • You have a big social circle due to the warmth you exude and it is all because you are approachable.
  • People easily open up to you as you do not judge people and their choices or opinions.
  • Due to Mercury you easily recover from any trouble in your life, faster than others.
  • You love travel and you love a life that is filled with adventure, as without it you won’t survive a day.
Character traits

Areas of improvement

  • Try sticking to your promises as often due to a prior obligation you tend to slip off with it that deeply impacts your personal relationships.
  • Your volatile nature is something that needs a personal guard or you tend to become reckless in a wrong company.
  • Addictions are something that you should completely stay away from as you may find it pleasurable that would ruin you.
  • You can learn from situations and experiences of people around you rather than turning your back on them.


Career best suited for you would be that would involve lots of meetings, having people around and communication.

You would thrive in an environment that would enhance your skills as a communicator, attorney, marketing/ sales, public figure, counsellor, agents for celebrities or Travel Company.


  • You have blind-faith on your partner and you provide a complete loyal relationship to them.
  • You may seem flirtatious but you will never cheat.
  • Having ample personal space to grow in a relationship even apart sometimes is where you freely love another.
  • Living with unconventional attitude you expect the same from your partner.
  • Freedom yet stability are where you provide all to your partner.
  • Bedroom fun and intimacy is your core of relationships.
Numerology for #5 People

Lucky colors

Colors that will enhance your luck if you wear them or include in your daily dress-up would be all shades of light grey. Any light color is good for you as it brings peace and luck to you.

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