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Kitchen in Northeast
September 8, 2022
Kitchen in Northeast

Vastu shastra is suggestive of placement of things and balancing the energy of the space along with the planet governing it in the rightful manner. With this it is essential that each room in the house be built with utmost care, for instance people often play low with the placement of kitchen, but in fact when a kitchen is placed in the north east zone then it leads to numerous health and mental issues. According to Vedasrivastu When this happens it is essential to get a personalized opinion and remedial measures by an expert on vastu shastra.

Significance of north east zone

North east is the zone of the water element, all the work Kitchen in Northeast like cooking and baking is related to fire and it is logical that fire and water never go together, it is chaos. For this reason having a kitchen in the north east zone of the house would only lead to numerous troubles to the occupants such as:

  • Mental health issues and ailments related to brain. 
  • Low immunity levels of members of the house. 
  • Lack of clarity and focus in the residents. 
  • Not being able to find a suitable match for eligible female of the house. 
  • Ongoing financial issues and financial losses.

However, if you too are suffering due to this vastu defect then you can apply a few remedies as per vastu for home in Dubai.

Kitchen in Northeast

Kitchen Remedies

 It is important to take note that the ideal direction for kitchen in south east, other directions are south or east directions, but never north east, as already mentioned above. If you too have a north east kitchen and cannot shift it elsewhere then as per vastu for home in Dubai, you can follow the remedial measures that will help balance the negative energy of the kitchen or neutralize it in the best possible manner:

  • Foremost you should immediately shift your gas stove to a different direction, it is suggested that the cook top or gas stove should be moved to east-north-east direction of the house that will help neutralize the fire element. Another thing to remember is that while cooking you should be facing the east or north direction for receiving positive blessings. 
  • The kitchen slab should be all painted or have stones in neutral or light colors that should not resemble the fire element, it is ideal to have green marble. 
  • The door of the kitchen should open in the clockwise direction that should be north east or east direction. However, the back of the cook shall not be facing the door at any time while cooking.
  • The food in the kitchen should be all consumable items, nothing heavy like grains or dry raw materials, if so then these shall be ideally placed in the south or west corner of the kitchen area. 
  • If you are to paint or have cabinets installed in the kitchen then use all shades of light blue, ivory, light green or beige. 
  • If you are dining within the kitchen then the center area is not ideal for a dining table, it should be placed in the Northwest direction for good results. 
  • Electrical appliances shall be placed in the south east direction and if you can then build your cook top in the south east part of your kitchen.

All the above mentioned remedies are effective, yet it is essential that you seek the advice of a vastu expert in this matter for better and quick results.

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