How does your home office bring you prosperity as per vastu shastra?

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November 3, 2022

If one is to work from home then a proper home office is the need of hour but if it is not vastu compliant then it will never be beneficial for you. In order to have a home office that would benefit you and bring you prosperity and help you achieve your financial goals then it is essential that vastu Shastra rules be followed in setting up a home office. So, in this context there is a lot that a vastu consultant in Dubai has to say, there are some rules related to direction, arrangement of furniture, picking the right direction for your workstation and other such things that helps in balancing energy. Let us understand all about it.

Furniture placement

  • Your cupboard that is used for official purpose shall be placed in the hottest sector of the office to enable absorbing the heat, that would be the south west part of your home office
  • Keeping your important documents and safe in the north direction will bring you prosperity as this is the direction related to God Kuber
  • West is yet another direction where you can keep all your cash and other financial documents

Colors to be used

  • Using light or pastel shaded is considered an excellent choice, if you have a north facing home office or in that direction then choose light blue and green colors 
  • If you are sitting in the East direction then use beige, mint green and light brown 
  • South direction home office should be painted in or should use all shades of pink and orange 
  • If you have a home office in west direction then golden, white, silver and gray are the colors that you should be using to your benefit


  • Ensure you harness as much natural light in your home office and let the east direction free so that natural light enters your office space
  • Keep the electrical systems away from your work desk as it disrupts your personal energy thereby hindering your ability to focus on work

Working Desk

  • Choose a rectangular shape and avoid any other shape even though it may seem fancy
  • Wooden desk is the best, avoid using metallic or plastic desk as these are low on energy
  • Your desk should face  north, north –east or east direction while the placement of the desk should be in west or south direction
  • Avoid sitting under a beam as it would bring your work related stress 
  • Keep your desk clutter free and same goes for your home office, for this you should have proper storage drawers
  • Covered waste paper baskets are better as it keeps you focused on your work 
  • Always ensure that your desk and your laptop should be clean 
  • If you are in the habit of making a calendar schedule then it should be placed on the west wall of the home office, in this direction you are more likely to achieve your goals

These tips may be simple yet effective in helping you set up your home office on the basic level, however, energy and favorable directions are always calculated as per the personal chart of a person. It is essential to let a vastu consultant in Dubai deal with it and help you with your personal favorable direction that will bring your maximum financial benefit.

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