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It is essential to follow vastu Shastra principles when you are setting up your work from home space as without it you will suffer from lack of focus and low productivity. Gaining a peaceful and productive environment with optimum productivity is possible when you are surrounded by positive energy, this can only be determined through the application of vastu Shastra rules. Balancing the energy of a given space with right placement of objects as per the given direction is crucial as it helps in harnessing the positivity of the direction. As per vastu experts from Dubai it is essential that you follow vastu Shastra principles after consulting an expert on the matter.

Vastu Shasta for work from home spaces

Do you know how Vastu for Home in Dubai is useful, for this you have to read the important information given below, are you ready for this then. Let us understand and see how a particular direction is favorable for setting up a work space at your home:

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  • The direction of your work space shall be ideally located in the west or south direction that enables in better focus.
  • Doors and windows invite positive energy in the house and so the north and east windows of a work space is crucial in benefiting your business and work. Also ensure that the front door of your work space is free of any hindrance or clutter.
  • Positioning your furniture in the west or south direction of your work space will bring maximum benefit, while keeping the north and east areas empty will help you in better focus.
  • If you are looking for increasing your finances then the north direction is the best and placing a safe or locker in this direction will increase wealth. Documents should be stored in south-west direction.
  • Ensure that your desk should not be under a beam or you will always be slammed with work and stress all the time.
  • Keeping your electronic gadgets in the south-east direction is ideal, you can keep your printer, fax machine and scanner for instance in this direction.
  • If you are planning on keeping or adorning your work space with paintings then you should hang paintings that bring peace and serenity.
  • Art piece that depicts negativity or is painted in dark colors should be avoided as it dampens work related enthusiasm. Paintings that depict sportiness and competitiveness are the best. If is essential to seek advice from a vastu consultant from Dubai in this matter.
  • If you are a businessman then the best way to obtain new opportunities is by placing a globe on your work desk.

Some other tips

  • Your work space shall not in any way share a wall with bathroom or toilet.
  • Avoid placing any idols on desk as it is not ideal, unless you are told so by a vastu Shastra expert.
  • For positivity you can place natural color quartz or a pyramid on your work desk.
  • A small fountain in the north-east direction of your home space is ideal as it invites money flow.
  • Never choose an office space below the staircase as it depletes the work flow.

Always remember that application of vastu Shastra rules and principles after consulting a vastu expert will help you with obtaining maximum out of your work space at home.

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