Spatial Vastu Concepts – What are these & what is the Significance?

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July 28, 2023

Vastu Shastra has always been in harmony with the environment and cosmic energy as it is designed to utilize space by balancing it with the elements. A Vastu-compliant property is becoming high in demand due to the fact that any property built as per Vastu Shastra principles is able to bring prosperity and abundance to the occupants of the property. Whether it’s a residential property or a commercial one, spatial concepts of Vastu are essential to be followed, but what are these spatial concepts as per vastu and what is its impact on human life? Let us discover the answer as given by a vastu expert from Dubai.

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Benefits of spatial Vastu principles

Even with modern architecture, it is essential to include spatial concepts offered by Vastu Shastra as these are in flow with positive energy preventing negativity. These principles are essential as it benefits in the following manner:

  • Enhanced mood- Negativity and positivity both impact the mental status of an individual, and these are highly dependent on the surroundings or the design of the property one occupies. When the space is designed as per vastu principles then the energy is positive and it greatly enhances the mood of the individuals occupying it.
  • Enhanced health- Experiencing good health is something that is essential to every human being. For this reason, a space designed with vastu compliance helps in harnessing positivity that directly impacts the health of the occupants. A property built as per vastu principles ensures enhanced good health of the dwellers.
  • Good sleep- Insomnia is one of the prevalent causes of health decline, when one is not in harmony with the natural surroundings then sleeping patterns too are disturbed. Opposite to it when Vastu Shastra principles are followed for building bedrooms and arranging a bed in the right direction it helps in bringing good sleep to the one occupying it.

Principles of Vastu Shastra

Though Vastu Shastra is a vast subject with numerous principles to define it in-depth, but for the purpose of understanding it broadly speaking essential principles of Vastu Shastra are mentioned as follows:

Vastu principles in spatial design

  • Balance- The most essential principle of Vastu Shastra that explains the space occupied or the property where the dwelling is built. It is essential to balance the property with the natural elements and it should be in harmony with the environment surrounding it.
  • Direction- Spatial designing incorporates using the right direction for the right placement of objects and building the rooms in the right direction to harness the positivity of the said direction.
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Spatial design and Vastu Shastra

When designing the space is it essential to apply vastu Shastra principles:

  • Ensure that the entrance is facing east and north direction. Sub cardinal directions should be avoided due to the negative aspect related to that particular direction.
  • There should be ample space around the property and there should be no obstruction to the property or the entrance as it would then be out of balance.
  • Incorporating vastu Shastra principles to bring positivity would require working with directions east, west, north and south that should be in harmony with the elements of the nature earth, fire, air, water and space. For instance kitchen should not be built in the water direction or the north side of the house as fire for cooking and water element is in complete conflict. Instead, it should be built in the fire direction.
  • Vastu Shastra is all about building the doors and windows in the right direction that would aid in positive and free flow of energy.
  • It is essential to note that the Brahma Sthaan or the center of the house is left vacant as this is where the maximum power resides that should be left free for positive results; any obstruction like heavy furniture would hinder positive energy flow.

There are numerous other aspects and sub-aspects of spatial vastu Shastra that are difficult to grasp by a common person, for this reason, consulting an expert like vastu Shastra expert from Dubai helps in incorporating it in a rightful manner.

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