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Image 2 Magnetic Property of Earth
July 31, 2023

When it comes to understanding of vastu Shastra in relation with magnetic property of earth there is lot that is advance and ahead of scientific development. To begin with, the magnetic flow of the energy of earth is strongest in South Pole and the energy flows towards the North Pole. It is all about how and where the magnetic energy flows and its effects on the human life.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that has long been written down by our sages in the ancient era long before the origin of science and experimentation. The effects of the magnetic poles are negative and positive on the lives of the humans and these can be used to be advantageous by building a dwelling in a vastu compliant manner.

Image 3 Magnetic Property of Earth

Understanding magnetic property correlating with vastu science

As per the scientific evidence geomagnetic storms cause negative effects on humans but when we look at vastu Shastra it states that the North Pole or the geographic South is positive for humans. Similarly, vastu principles state that the South Pole or geographic North is negatively impacting human lives. For instance, the strong energy of North Pole energy is powerful and clean whereas South Pole is almost draining the energy of human lives.

The adverse effects of the earth’s geographic magnetic poles has long been understood and written in out ancient texts by our sages. For this reason it became a chief principle in vastu Shastra and taking into account the magnetic field became primary basis of designing buildings and aligning the axis in the right manner became essential towards providing positive effect.

Image 1 Magnetic Property of Earth and Vastu

Earth’s Magnetic Field and Design Structures

Vastu Shastra principles are well understood and applied in the rightful manner by experts as stated by vastu expert from Dubai. The guidelines are in correlation with science and rationally explain how to utilize it in the most positive manner.

  • Avoid sleeping with head aligned in North.
  • As per vastu Shastra the head of a body is North Pole and the feet is considered South Pole.
  • Head when aligned in North would mean North + North or same poles of two magnets cause repelling effect.
  • Human body would experience constant muscular tension, disturbed sleep patterns, migraines and other health related issues.
  • Keeping the head or even sitting for long in North direction would cause similar effect on the health of the individual.
  • Sleeping with the head in South direction is ideal as it would bring positivity and help achieve deep sleep.
  • Facing East, North or West is ideal when sitting on dining table or occupying living room.
  • South direction facing should be avoided as it would lead the individual to have their head placement in the North direction that disturbs the natural rhythm of the body and brings negative effect on the health of the individual.
  • Idols in the prayer room or the Pooja room should not face North as then again the worshipper would be in conflict with the magnetic poles of the earth’s directions.

Vastu Shastra is long considered as an advance science of the ancient world that helps us obtain maximum benefit of the earth’s magnetic field and therefore it is essential to consider the same while designing houses or placement of items or sleeping and sitting positions.

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