What to do With a South-Facing Entrance as per Vastu Shastra?

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South facing house is often not considered by all as there are a lot of things regarding this entrance to the house. Many are under the belief that it brings bad luck and others say it brings illness to the occupants of the house. However, as per a Vastu consultant in Dubai, these can be avoided when a proper Vastu plan is followed regarding south facing entrance of a house. Making relevant changes, and taking vastu-compliant precautions will help in making the house auspicious to the residents. Let us understand in detail all about it.

Placements in the South facing the entrance

As per Vastu consultant in Dubai, there are certain things that you can do when you already have a property with south facing entrance. Keeping in mind the Vastu rules and balancing each element in the house will help in energy balance and bring abundance to the residents of the house, following can be done:


The main entrance is where maximum energy enters the house, therefore it is essential that it should be ideally done up as per Vastu. Only an expert like a Vastu consultant in Dubai can help you with the right placement for the entrance. Placing the entrance a little left to the south of the house is auspicious, however, avoid it having towards the right of south direction or towards the southwest side, you can check with an expert in the placement of entrance door in the right degree and angle for ushering in prosperity.

Underground water tank

Any water element even if it is an underground water tank in a south-facing house shall be in such a way that it should avoid the southern part of the house. If this is not done then the occupants shall always suffer from financial losses. They can even land up in litigation and it will disturb the peace of mind of the residents.

Colors and structure

It is essential to understand that colors play an important aspect in balancing the energy of a house, be it a south-facing entrance house that too requires specific colors to make it positive. Choosing the right color for the entrance is crucial as it invokes the specific aspect of energy that impacts the occupants. It is advisable that you choose to paint or color the entrance in lighter colors like mild shades of orange/ red, while you should avoid any dark colors and even blue for that reason.

Boundary walls

The ideal height and width of boundary walls are essential to choosing if you have a south entrance house. Ensure that the walls in the south sector of your house are thicker compared to those in the north. The same goes for the height, the south walls should be slightly higher than the north and east sides of the house. How to maintain an ideal proportion and make it look perfect is the job of a Vastu consultant in Dubai, through their expertise you will understand how to apply it properly.


If you are living in a south-facing house then the ideal direction for having a kitchen is the southeast direction. This will help in balancing the fire and water elements prevalent in these directions and the occupants of the house will enjoy good health and longevity.

Now understand some don’ts as per Vastu consultant in Dubai

  • The placement of the door or main gate has to be well calculated by the Best Vastu Consultant. Entrances towards sub cardinal axis like Southeast or towards Southwest should be avoided
  • Avoid placing an underwater reservoir in the forefront of your south entrance or around it
  • Avoid the kitchen in the southwest corner
  • Random mirror placement in the south sector of the house should be avoided

For in-depth analysis and personalized remedies consult an expert like Vastu consultant in Dubai to know more about south facing entrance house and how it can be made auspicious.

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