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September 3, 2021

A married couple going through discord that ultimately leads to either separation or divorce is not at all desirable. When nothing seems to work out then it is essential to check for the defect in Vastu Shastra. The couple occupying the house may experience discord on account of vastu defect within the house. A few simple changes can help the couple regain harmony. Let us understand more about it and the details related to how vastu impacts interpersonal relationships of spouses and how implementing a few tips can help with combating disharmony.

Vastu Tips For Harmonious Married Life

First we will begin with what to avoid that will begin to give you the right idea regarding the vastu defect that is causing discord in your relationship.

Vastu for Harmonious Married Life

Often it is seen that the couple occupying the house is not aware of the energy and vibrations it exudes, it is essential to understand that not every home is suitable to any occupant. This specially goes for a married couple who would desire a harmonious married life. Knowing what to avoid as per vastu is the first step and Vastu Consultant in Dubai will help avoid vastu defects that leads to discord in marital relationships. 

What to Avoid:

  • North-East bedroom should be avoided 
  • The location of kitchen in North-East leads to discord in marital relationships.
  • Often people unknowingly purchase thorny and bonsai plants, but these are to be avoided as these hold negative energy.
  • The bedroom walls should not be painted in dark colors.
  • Although people purchase brass beds or wrought-iron beds for fulfilling their whim for style, but this should be avoided. 
  • Even if you have a wooden bed then avoid the bed with storage compartments within it as stored up things within the box compartment of the bed leads to storing negative energy. 
  • Mirrors should be avoided in bedroom, especially those that reflect the bed.
  • The South-East part of your home should not be extended.
Vastu Tips For Harmonious Married Life

Now that you have an idea of what to avoid, it is equally important to know what to follow for a harmonious marital life. 

Tips to bring harmony in marital relationships:

  • The bedroom of the couple should be in the South-West or South. For newlyweds, it can be in North of Northwest.
  • Using a queen size bed is better and a single mattress with single quilt is where it brings two people closer for achieving harmony. 
  • Use a wooden bed without any storage compartments underneath it. 
  • The bed should be rectangular or square in shape avoid any other shape. 
  • Keeping fresh flowers and changing them daily is recommended. 
  • Remember North-East part of your home should be clean and free of any clutter or heavy furniture. 

All the above tips will help in resolving the troubles related to marriage and help in maintaining marital harmony or regaining that love between couples. However, for more information and consultation by an expert you need to consult with an expert like Maadhur V Gupta, she provides tailor made vastu solutions that can further help with harmony within relationships and help the couples lead a happy married life.

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