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Toilet in the Northeast direction
September 8, 2022
Toilet in the Northeast direction

Vastu Shastra provides scientifically proven means of balancing energy in a space and area that includes interiors of the house too. It is essential to balance the energy of the house well that includes placement of all the rooms including the bathroom. For instance, many would neglect the fact that having a bathroom in the north east direction would lead to financial issues and numerous health troubles to the occupants. According to Vedasrivastu, this direction is a sacred direction where the most positive energy resides, God energy of the house resides in this direction and for this reason it is marked for prayer room or Pooja Ghar most of the time. Another use of this direction is for living room or a room where the family would dine together or spend time together.

However, despite these facts, this direction is often neglected, and often it is not possible to make changes to the structure or demolish the interior, then what is the solution? As per Vastu consultant in Dubai, no-demolition remedies too are available for those who would like to remedy their north east direction where their toilet is placed, let us have a look at these simple yet effective remedies.

Remedies for toilet in north-east direction

Rule of thumb says that there should be no toilet in Northeast of the house.  If you have a bathroom in north-east direction, then the best thing to do is only use it for bathing purpose. But if still there is no solution than few simple tips will help you to minimize the impact of toilet in north-east direction.

  • Painting bathroom walls in light pastel colors like light blue or off white is a good idea or using light colored tiles is always better.
  • Placing plants like spider plant in the bathroom will help neutralize negative energy by absorbing it.
  • A bowl filled with sea salt will ensure that all the negativity is absorbed well but remember to change it once a week.
  • The lid of toilet seat and door of bathroom shall always be closed even when not in use.
  • Ensure your bathroom is always spic and span as it would invite positivity in the house.
Vastu Shastra

All the above-mentioned remedies for northeast toilet are simple and effective. However, if you are looking for personalized remedies and vastu consultancy then you should reach out to an expert like Vastu consultant in Dubai.

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