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Paintings on Walls and Science of Vastu Shastra
July 28, 2022

Cheerful interiors well adorned with paintings exude positivity and the same is believed to be true when it comes to paintings on walls and science of vastu Shastra. However, it is essential that you need to check what the painting depicts, the colors, the placement and the direction to ensure a vastu compliant wall painting that would bring in positivity within the house. To understand it all you need to listen to what professional vastu consultant and numerologist service in Dubai has to say about it.

Paintings and Message

It is essential to check what kind of painting you are choosing for your home or other interiors. The message depicted in the wall painting should be that of positivity. It brings in positive energy, changes and enhances the mood of the space along with the onlooker.

If you are wondering, having bare walls is something that is better, and then think again; it not only exudes emptiness but also depression and anxiety. Having a beautiful wall painting is something that immediately changes the psychological condition of the person.

Vastu Shastra and Wall Paintings

Following are the benefits of having beautiful and positive wall paintings in your interiors as per professional Vedasrivastu.

  • It reduces stress and provides relief in depression.
  • Paintings are known to provide healing to people who suffer from mental disorders.
  • If you are looking for tranquility then painting depicting spirituality or waterfalls is good to go in north-east direction as it helps in connection with God.
  • North-west is the zone where you can place a painting of wind that brings in positivity or a pair of galloping white horses.

 Paintings and Message
  • If you are looking for awards and recognition, then you should be enhancing the south sector with painting of running horses. It will provide you strength and recognition. One can also place their accolades / certificates in South.
  • Wall painting of rock, mountain, and any earth element that exudes strength is beneficial to be placed in southwest wall.
  • West zone is good for any painting depicting a camel or any other artwork that will help you with gaining opportunities abroad. It enhances your financial opportunities and so is good for businessmen too.
  • Painting of a pair of swans (also called love birds) can be placed in Southwest zone. It ensures healthy relationship between husband and wife.
  • For healing of mind and body natural wall paintings depicting nature and natural beauty, scenic views that can be placed in hospitals- lobbies, waiting rooms and even in the room of patients.

Vastu Space and Wall Painting

  • Painting depicting sun brings in positivity and connects the onlooker with nature and the energy of sun that is nurturing and that of providing success. A sun depicting wall painting should ideally be placed in East direction of the house but refrain placing one in bathroom.
  • Water painting is good to be placed on north to northeast direction as it is related to flow of energy, and it helps in enhancing money flow.
  • Paintings depicting Buddha tranquility, hence should be placed wisely. Placing buddha statue or painting in zones of money and relationships are not very advisable.
  • Flowers, trees and flowing river and such paintings are suggested for restaurants and hotels or café.
vastu shastra 2

You should choose any painting that is inspiring, brings positivity, and is personally meaningful to the onlooker. Depressive paintings, example sad faces, tears, poverty etc. are not meant for homely environment. Also, paintings of aggressive animals should be avoided.

For personalized vastu analysis and tailor-made remedies, it is best to consult with professional vastu consultant in Dubai.

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