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Leading a Healthy Life with Vastu Tips
January 28, 2022

As it is said good health is above wealth, however, if you and your family are suffering from health issues and there is no apparent reason behind it, there could be a Vastu defect or one may think of a possible Vastu defect in the property where a person is spending maximum time during the day. The home you are occupying may be full of Vastu flaws and as per Dubai-based Vastu Consultant, it should be fixed immediately. Looking for the right solutions and tips that will enhance the positive energy is where Vastu shastra provides help. 

So, given here are a few tips that when applied will benefit and improve the health of your family members. Following these simple Vastu tips will help you and your family lead a healthy life. 

How does Vastu help?

Imbalance in the energy of the house and the elements/objects placed in the house may result in poor health of the occupants, for this reason, it is essential to understand what is it that is causing these Vastu doshas and how to correct them as per Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai.

Leading a Healthy Life with Vastu Tips

Following are the possible doshas that lead to poor health of the people living in the house with numerous Vastu defects:

  • A toilet or kitchen towards the Northeast
  • An entrance in the Northwest, South-Southwest
  • A bedroom towards the West of Northwest or South-Southwest
  • An overhead water tank in the Northeast or East
  • A septic tank in the Southeast
  • A borewell or underground water tank towards the southside

These defects may be unnoticeable or ignored by the occupants of the house/office/commercial space, yet these are potent in creating energy imbalances in the house leading to major health issues. Additionally, ignoring the color of the walls or painting them in darker tones is yet another reason for energy imbalance creating vast defects. Placing home appliances, furniture, electrical equipment, and other such objects in the wrong direction leads to health-related issues. 

The Cut Corner Vastu Defect 

A huge disturbance may result in the lives of habitats because of cut corners, the reason being that each cut corner has its own functionality in itself. Also, in order to avoid cut corner defects at the time of plot extensions also, one should definitely seek the advice of a Vastu Shastra Expert as at the time of plot extensions as well, the balancing of energies is equally important. 

Leading a Healthy Life with Vastu Tips

How to correct Vastu defect?

As per Vastu consultant in Dubai, you need to pay attention to the North and North-East directions, these are essential for maintaining the health and immunity of the residents of the house. These directions are where the majority of energy is concentrated and when these directions are blocked, hindered or wrong objects are placed in these directions then it leads to health sufferings of the residents. When this zone is imbalanced it sets in diseases in the residents, weak immune system, and reduced immunity. 


Following are some of the Vastu tips to promote good health and balance the energy of the house:

  • Rooms – Make sure all rooms are properly ventilated and lit, however, remember not to keep the windows of your bedroom open when the window is behind your bed, also there should be a proper headrest on the bed that should be comfortable.
  • Bathrooms -Attached toilets have become a trend, but remember to always keep the door of the toilet closed. You can clean the bathroom floor with sea salt to remove negativity in that area. One can also place Himalayan salt or Himalayan salt lamp in the bathroom to defuse negativity.
  • Balcony– Often also called the verandah, it should never be left abandoned or filled with useless objects, instead keep potted plants in the balcony. 
  • Center of House – Avoid placing heavy objects or avoid planning heavy construction elements in the center of the house as this may be responsible for stomach/abdomen related health issues. Displacing any such elements/furniture items could be the solution to this. 
  • Kitchen – It is advised that Kitchen should be designed towards the southeast direction of the house. Avoid planning the kitchen or putting the stove in the Northeast direction. Placement of stove or burner in East of South East direction can lead to anxiety issues, Diabetes, and even Hypertension. 
  • General Vastu’s tip to keep the house full of positive energy and cleansing it of any negativity is to clean the floor of the house using sea salt, a pinch of it, or a teaspoon of it in the mop bucket is enough to do the trick. 
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