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December 6, 2021

Peace of mind is essential in this chaotic life especially when you are already going through a lot in your office and other practical areas. However, if you still are not able to feel peaceful even after you step into your home then you should check a few things that may not be Vastu compatible. Your bedroom and the spiritual room should be your rejuvenating point, if it is in the wrong direction then it may be the epicenter of all your chaotic life and is creating a mental disturbance. Often it is overlooked by homeowners as something that is not necessary, but it is not so as per Vastu consultants in Dubai who share their expertise on the matter. 

How To Use Vastu To Achieve Peace Of Mind?

What affects the peace of mind?

Northeast zone is considered as head of the Vastu purusha and is the most sensitive zone of the house. This is the zone which grants wisdom and peace to the inhabitants. Any defect in Northeast like presence of toilet, kitchen, red element, storage or bedroom of the bread earner, could directly impact the state of mind. Hence, this zone should be always kept clean and clutter free. 

What affects the peace of mind?

It is also very important to understand the emphasis of the direction of your bedroom, your bed and your meditation or prayer room, as that is where your mind rests after a hard or tiring day. The place should be able to provide you with strength of mind and mental clarity when you wake up or when you step into that space or room. As per Vastu Shastra you should be able to take cautions in the following manner and apply the following tips:

Dos for bedroom

  • The location of your bedroom should be in the South-west direction that is the direction that is responsible to bring in health and abundance in your life. 
  • Couples should avoid taking the North-east bedroom as it leads to disharmony and loss of mental peace. 
  • The placement of the bed should be such that it should be in the South-west and the head should be in South or West. 
  • The bedroom should be painted in warm colors as it brings harmony. 
  • Elderly couples or a retired person should be occupying the South-west room for achieving mental clarity and peace of mind. 
  • If there is an unmarried occupant then they shall be given the North-west room.


  • For any reason there should not be any mirror or TV set in the room especially if it reflects the bed or any body part. It is said to bring disruptions and ailments in the related body part and in the mind of the individual occupying such a room. If you cannot remove it then cover it at night prior to sleeping. 
  • The walls of the room should not be painted in dark colors; black shall be avoided at all cost and so should be red. 
  • Having a temple in the bedroom should be strictly avoided, so should be fountain or any painting that depicts water source or waterfall as it only leads to confusion and emotional imbalance. 
  • It is essential to note that unmarried people of the house should never sleep or occupy the South-west direction as it will lead to mental confusion and their attitude will turn stubborn. 

Spiritual room or Altar 

It is essential that the spiritual room, meditation room or the prayer room should be in the right direction with the right elements, following these tips will help:

  • Spiritual room in Southwest could lead to confusion and restlessness. Hence, should be strictly avoided
  • The room should be in the East or North-east direction that is the best place to bring in peace and positivity to the entire house and its occupants. These directions are related to spirituality and spiritual growth.
  • The room should be painted in lighter shades.
  • Remember to place incense sticks and candles in the sacred space or the altar. 
  • You should be facing east while meditating or praying to receive peaceful vibrations from the universe

Follow these simple Vastu tips for achieving peace of mind and live a peaceful happy life. 

Spiritual room or Altar 
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