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Ensuring a Vastu Compliant Home
February 22, 2022

It is always a good idea to have an ideal home that not only suits your lifestyle but also brings you positivity and abundance. Keeping this in mind it is essential to build a house that is Vastu compliant to avoid Vastu defects, however, it is a fact that all the amenities in the house is where the focus is, but if Vastu principles are compromised then it may bring ailments and chaos in the family. How it is possible to ensure a Vastu-compliant home? In answer to it Dubai based Vedasrivastu have a few but essential tips that you can follow to ensure a Vastu compliant home, let’s have a look at these tips.

Ensuring a Vastu Compliant Home

Vastu compliant home tips

  • It is essential to perform a bhumi Pooja if you are constructing your house from the beginning, if you are moving into a pre-constructed house then you can begin by Grah Pravesh Pooja as these rituals not only invite the positive energy but also invoke the blessings of God for bringing in abundance. 
  • Entrance- All four directions have positive entrances. However, the entrances towards North and East have milder effects that can be easily treated. 
  • Kitchen- The kitchen of the house is the epicenter of all the energies mingling and sitting in that direction, for this you need to be sure that the kitchen is located in the South-East corner. Next, the best option is to have a kitchen Northwest
  • Master bedroom- The placement of the master bedroom should ideally be in the South-West area. 
  • Bathroom- This should be located in the West-Northwest corner of the house as this is the best direction, if this is not possible then the next would be South-Southwest. 
Vastu compliant home tips

General Vastu Tips

  • Hang the wind chimes on the entrance of your home to invite serenity and positivity into the house. 
  • Use earthen lamps and natural fragrances for positive vibrations and promoting happiness. 
  • Avoid placing mirrors in the bedroom if not then avoid placing one that would reflect your bed or any body part. 
  • Hang a nameplate or having your name on the house entrance brings in prosperity, and should be done analyzed neurologically if the house name number matches with the owner’s vibrations.
  • Keeping an aquarium in the house helps in bringing calming energy to the house. However, consult a Vastu Shastra specialist prior to its placement in the right direction. 
  • Always keep your doors and windows clean as it is the entrance of positive energy and it helps in inviting abundance in the house. 

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