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June 30, 2023

Although vastu compliant homes are the need of the day and majority builders too are seeking help from vastu consultants. However, not every house built is in harmony with the principles of vastu Shastra, so here are some tips for new homeowners to follow or watch out for as per vastu consultant from Dubai.

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House Direction

  • Entrance of the house is where the energy enters in the house and it determines the vibe of the house.
  • The most favorable directions for entrance are east, north and north-east as per vastu principles.
  • Purchase a house keeping in mind the entrance that should be favorable to you.

Direction of Rooms

  • Direction of the rooms should be as per vastu Shastra to bring benefits of the said direction as per the room utility.
  • Kitchen should ideally be built in south-east direction if not then renovate your house accordingly.
  • Master bedroom direction is rightfully in the south-west direction that will bring harmony to the couple occupying it.
  • Kid’s bedroom should be in the south-west direction and their bed should be placed in such a way that their head should be in the east or south direction that will bring them serenity.
  • Toilet / Bathrooms should be ideally in the west or north-west direction if these are in some other directions then avoid making a purchase of the house as it would be full of vastu doshas.

Shapes and Forms

  • Shape of furniture influences the energy flow of the room it is kept in so it is essential to have the right shape and form of furniture in your house.
  • Rooms too should not be in circular form as it is against vastu principles.
  • Ideally best shapes are square and rectangular in furniture as well as rooms.

Overhead Water Tank

  • New homeowners should be vary of placing or installing overhead water tanks as it is the place where maximum energy is stored.
  • Installing a tank in the south-west or west directions is the most ideal place for it.
  • If you see that overhead tanks are in the south-west direction then it should be a bit elevated, two feet on the top slab is ideal.


  • Proper ventilation ensures free energy flow to the house making it harmonious and auspicious for the residents as per vastu consultant from Dubai.
  • A properly ventilated house will be full of financial abundance.
  • Ideal placement of doors and windows and balcony ensures proper ventilation in the house.

Septic Tank

  • Septic tank harbors negativity as it stores the waste from bathrooms and kitchen until flushed out.
  • Ideal placement of septic tank should be north-west direction and it should not be near or touching compound wall.

Tips for Good Health of Residents

  • Place plants at the entrance for promoting good health.
  • North-east direction is ideal to keep a candle or a lamp that can be lit.
  • South-west direction is the best to store food and you can have your kitchen in this direction as well.
  • Always keep the faucets and taps in mint condition that these should not be dripping or it will adversely impact your money health.
  • Burn camphor once a week to rid your home of any negativity.
Image 2 New home owners

Tips for Positivity

  • You can keep a Holy Basil (Tulsi) plant at the entrance of the home.
  • Buddha statue can also help guard your house against negative forces.
  • Avoid sleeping with head pointed in north direction.
  • Do away with broken appliances and crockery/ cutlery.
  • Ensure all the clocks, time pieces and watches are always running and showing the right time.
  • Avoid keeping it running fast than original time.

Following the above mentioned vastu tips, homeowners will for sure experience positivity and prosperity in their house. For personalized and in-depth analysis it is essential to seek consultation from an expert like vastu expert from Dubai. With customized vastu plan you will experience improved life, better health and enjoy prosperity in your new house.

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