Vastu Tips For a Kitchen to Bring Positivity at Home

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vastu tips for a kitchen to bring positivity at home
April 25, 2022

Home is where the hearth is, as wherever the kitchen is therein lie the prosperity and health of the occupants of the house. It is essential that the kitchen should be in the ideal direction and all the elements are perfectly balanced to fill the kitchen with abundance and seek the blessings of Ma Annapurna Devi. So, what can be done to ensure positivity in the kitchen? Following are some of the tips that you can follow as suggested by Vastu for Home in Dubai who provide you with reasons behind doing so. 

vastu tips for a kitchen

Kitchen direction

Vastu Consultant in Dubai, advises that positivity in the kitchen can only prevail when you are able to balance all the elements right: sky, fire, air, earth, and water. Changing the placement of certain things in the kitchen or refurbishing your kitchen to balance these elements as per Vastu shastra will help a lot. 

Vastu guidelines for positivity in the kitchen

gas stove with flame
  • The direction of Fire- The direction of Agni is in the southeast corner of the home making it ideal for kitchen placement. If this is not possible then northwest is the equally auspicious direction to have your kitchen placed. Even so, you can place your stove or gas in the same direction. 
  • Southeast is the ideal direction for fire elements thus you can place your cylinders, toasters, microwaves, and gas stoves in this direction within the kitchen. Placing the stove in such a direction that the person cooking shall face the east is the ideal direction to ensure positivity. 
  • Placing the cylinder, oven, and cooktop on the same platform including the microwave is ideal as these represent fire elements but avoid mixing cooktops, washbasins, and gas cylinders or ovens on parallel or the same platform as it is a bad idea to mix two elements (fire and water). Doing so will invite chaos and negativity amongst the members of the house impacting the health of the occupants in a negative manner. 
  • North, east, and northeast are the ideal directions to place the windows in the kitchen. 
  • The placement of the refrigerator in the house would be ideally in the south to the west direction helps the occupants overcome all the obstacles. 
  • Storing of stock and grains should be in the direction of southwest or northwest for abundance and good fortune. 
  • One of the most common mistakes that people do in the kitchen is placing black granite marble in the Southeast kitchen. Black represents the water element, placing black marble in the kitchen is creating a direct conflict between fire and water which can have a negative impact or may bring hurdles in life. Vastu consultant in Dubai advises not to use black granite/marble as a kitchen platform.

Following these tips for bringing in positivity in the kitchen will invite positivity in the entire home, making the relationships at home harmonious, health and good luck of the residents of the house will begin to shine. However, if you are keen on personalized Vastu then consulting a professional is suggested.

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