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September 4, 2023

Vastu Shastra is a science that is based on direction that comprises five elements present in the nature- earth, water, fire, air and space / sky; these are often named as Panchbhootas in vastu Shastra. These elements together in harmony ensure the wellbeing and prosperity in the life of people. When any of these elements are out of balance or in conflict with one another then it results in chaos and impending bad luck in the life of people living in such a disharmonious home or occupying such a premises, even in case of office spaces. Let us understand all about these elements first to have a better understanding.

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Five Elements

Vastu expert from Dubai explains the importance of five elements; she explains that for personal and professional wellbeing it is essential to strike a harmony between five elements of vastu Shastra. It is essential to understand that these elements are not just cosmic forces but have their own innate energies that need to be balanced and harnessed for the benefit of the individual. Additionally, it is to be noted that panchbhootas are a part of our whole existence; our own body is made with the amalgamation of these five elements, so that too explains why these elements have impact on us and our lives on a significant level. To understand how these elements act and design our lives it is essential to understand each of these in-depth:

Earth (Bhoomi)

The first element that is of highest vibration with maximum energy and for this reason it  become essential to purchase a land as per vastu compliance that would be beneficial to the individual. The plot shape, size, location and even the soil all matters a lot. Selecting the right site for building a home or office should only be done after consulting a vastu expert.

The direction of south-west is therefore essential that brings stability and recommended for master bedroom, other uses of this direction is placement of machinery that would lead to stability / longevity without disturbances. For this reason this direction plays a key role when it comes to achieving a stable life.

Water (Jal)

The very source of life that contains the soul of all the waterbodies whether sea, river, ocean or rain, all are connected to human mind and psyche. When proper placement of water sources is done as per vastu and north-east direction is utilized for this purpose then it brings harmony. Water flow in this direction and drains placed in this direction are beneficial. Another aspect of water element is that when a person prepares to purchase a property near a water body for instance a beach house or have water element like a pool or lake within their property they enjoy a constant flow of changeability without struggling they become accepting of going with the flow.

Fire (Agni)

The best direction for this element is south-east and for this reason kitchen and placement of cooking appliance / stove is highly recommended in this direction. Electrical gadgets and other electronic equipment should be ideally placed or stored in this direction.

Fire has the power of transformation and at the same time it provides one with warmth for this reason it is essential to carefully consider this direction related to fire. Proper ventilation in homes and easy access of sunlight throughout the house is recommended to harness the power of fire in the optimum manner to experience warmth, positivity and its nurturing aspects.

Air (Vayu)

North-west is the direction of air element that dominates our communication and ability to communicate. For this reason too it is essential to incorporate proper ventilation for air and fire in the right manner as per vastu Shastra principles. Another thing to note is that when this direction is used for building a room for individual with thriving social life or choosing an entrance facing north-west direction then it would highly impact their networking in a positive manner.


Also known as the Brahmasthaan of a home or the heart of the home that requires no-obstruction and so it is advisable to place no heavy furniture or any such item that would cause hindrance to the energy flow of the place. Ancient houses and even today majority of houses built in South India comprise an open space between the houses that leads to harnessing positive energy flow throughout the premises.

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Understanding each element and its nature, placement and striking harmony amongst it all can only be done by a vastu expert from Dubai. Providing remedial measures and in-depth analysis of the property that would be positively beneficial to the client is where it all plays a pivotal role.

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