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IMage 1 Creating harmony with nature
October 30, 2023

We all are aware that our body is the amalgamation of five elements: earth, fire, water, air and space, these are the same as Vastu Shastra elements and the huge cosmos that are vital to our existence. Our planet and each creature living on it are therefore impacted by the cosmic elements and vastu Shastra is one such ancient science that speaks in-depth about balancing it all. When we are balanced within and create harmony with nature only then we can say that we have achieved perfect harmony as per vastu Shastra. Let us understand how vastu Shastra is vital to creating harmony with nature and how the cosmos impacts human lives as explained by vastu expert from Dubai.

Image 2 Creating harmony with nature

Five Elements and Humans

Understanding the impact of five elements and how when these are out of balance we experience physical and mental chaos, this is how:

  • Feeling out of balance, fatigue and exhaustion means that your earth element is out of balance. Similarly when you are feeling thwarted in your financial and personal growth your earth element is imbalanced.
  • Dehydration and feeling emotionally unbalanced is the sign your water element requires tuning.
  • Agitation, anger and irritability are the sign of unbalanced fire element in your body.
  • Anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, depression, bad relationships and allergies are a sign that your air element requires balancing.
  • Creative block and feeling restricted in any way would mean that your space element is imbalanced.
Image 3 Creating harmony with nature

Creating Harmony with Nature

Each of the elements is also associated with a specific direction and can be balanced in our home, office and environment. Here are some simple changes we can make that will benefit our lives:

  • Keeping heavier objects in this particular zone whether within office or home or even in the premises of a property will create support and harmony with the earth element.
  • North-east direction is for water element, so keeping a fountain, constructing Zen like waterfall in this direction will ensure balancing this element. On a personal note as vastu expert from Dubai would add, keeping yourself hydrated and drinking or taking ample fluids will help balance your inner water element.
  • Keeping and using a full spectrum light in south-east direction will ensure balance with fire element is created. Using low watt lights and conserving energy will ensure that you are perfectly living in harmony with nature and environment while balancing fire element. Installing AC stabilizer in this direction will create harmony within the premises.
  • Balance the air element by using negative-ion generator when ventilation is missing or simply open the windows of your work place or house when it is possible and an available option.
  • Shikata Ga Naï means letting go in Japanese culture where it teaches eliminating habits, things, items and letting go that which serves no purpose, when this is done it balances space element within us and around us. Clear any kind of clutter within or outside that is of no use.

These are generic yet very effective remedial measures that bring us back in harmony with nature and environment, our own five elements too require balancing and vastu Shastra is the best ancient science available for this purpose.

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