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May 1, 2023

Meditation and yoga spaces should be ideally placed and decorated with items that would bring positivity. When done right as per vastu Shastra principles the one practicing meditation or yoga would be able to reap its benefits and obtain optimum positivity. So, what are the essentials of vastu science for mediation and yoga spaces, as per vastu expert from Dubai, there are certain things then you should keep in mind while designing such a room.

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Ideal direction for meditation and yoga space

  • North-east and the center of the home or the brahma sthaan are ideal for having a yoga or meditation space.
  • North-east zone is sacred space and to harness this energy one should ideally place a running water element like a small water fountain or flowers in a glass bowl full of clear water; however these should be changed daily.
  • The center of the house or the brahma sthaan is where the universal energy resides and it is the Akash or space element where you can practice yoga to obtain the universal blessings.

Vastu Shastra Tips for Yoga and Meditation Space

  • Remember not to bring shoes into your yoga or meditation room to keep the sacred energy from being polluted by outside influence. Keep it as clean as possible along with your yoga mat or seat clean too.
  • Using natural materials like cotton, bamboo, wood or silk would be good to adorn the space to bring in the vibes of the nature that will help you relax easily.
  • If you like to keep candles then it is essential to keep beeswax candle that purify the air.
  • Choose spiritual objects that bring serenity to the mind of the onlooker like Buddha painting or images or idol.
  • Create a divine altar where you can keep spiritual objects of personal significance like crystals, incense sticks, scented candles, Buddha idol or idol of your deity or picture of your spiritual guru. You can make altars for specific purpose too: for relationships south-west is ideal, for career and finances north is ideal and for travel and movement you can choose to keep an altar in the north-west direction.
  • Remember to keep the windows open for yoga practice especially when you are practicing pranayama.
  • You can use rose incense sticks or essential oil burner for inducing calm and positivity.
  • Use brighter and pastel tones for upholstery of your yoga or meditation room.
  • To create a protective environment placing 4 black tourmaline in four corners of the room will help keep the energy positive and protect you from negative influences.
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These vastu tips for mediation and yoga space might seem simple yet effective as it helps in balancing the elements of the zone with the items placed making it ideal for free flow of positive energy.

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