Vastu Dosha – What is Vastu Dosha & What are its ill effects?

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June 30, 2023

The ancient science of vastu Shastra is based on directions, elements and balancing these to achieve perfect harmony within the environment and a given space. When principles of vastu are not followed or applied in a building or an area then it leads to vastu dosha. Dosha or loosely translated to fault \ defects is when things are out of balance, the energy of the given space is disrupted or imbalanced due to the non-compliance of vastu principles as suggested by vastu consultant from Dubai. When these imbalances occur it results in adverse impacts on health, finances, disharmony, quarrels amongst couples and professional success is thwarted.

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Understanding Vastu Dosh

  • Prayer room or Pooja room should be ideally built in the north-east direction if it is built in the south-west corner then it creates vastu defect.
  • Building a master bedroom in the south-west corner is ideal for harmony between the Irregular shaped plot or circular building is a vastu defect.

Ill-Effects of Vastu Dosha

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As per vastu consultant from Dubai when vastu doshas are present it is dependent on cast to case that effects a given area or space. The defects once understood and analyzed by a vastu consultant can be rectified with different solutions, however, when these persist it leads to numerous ill-effects, let us understand ill-effects of vastu doshas.

  • North-east Vastu dosha– It creates disputes in family and business. It may lead to divorce. Behavior of children may be affected adversely. Occupants of such house will suffer from frequent surgery and accidents. Unexpected expenditures, chronic diseases, legal disputes, funds being blocked and even facing rejection related business deals.
  • South-west Vastu dosha – It leads to delays in marriage of marriageable boy or girl. Additionally, it leads to heavy expenditure, addictions, loss / theft of money and relationship issues.
  • South-east Vastu dosha – It leads to problems related to health and it thwarts any occurrence of auspicious events in the house. The occupants are robbed of their piece of mind and females of the house suffer a lot.
  • North-west Vastu dosha – Enemies gain over, people face legal problems related to government issues, disharmony prevails in relatives and friends.
  • Prime Entrance defect– When there is obstruction on the main entrance of the house such as a house built facing T-junction it leads to vastu doshas.
  • Kitchen that is built under bedroom is unfavorable to the residents of the house as they suffer from constant health issues and the food cooked in such a kitchen is negatively influenced.

It is suggested that vastu defects be dealt with serious concern as it is a matter of life and health of the residents, whether it is their personal health or money health both are equally affected adversely. Therefore as explained above it becomes essential to eliminate the vastu defects to bring perfect vastu harmony that would balance the energy of the space.

A vastu consultant like a professional vastu consultant from Dubai will provide vastu solutions that are personalized as per the analysis of the property and even suggest non-demolition vastu remedies that will help balance the energy and regulate positivity

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