Turn Losses into Profits in Business with the science of Vastu Shastra

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October 20, 2023

Loss in business often happens when expenses are more than income and yet even after all the efforts things remain same, this would mean that you should get it check for vastu defects and abnormalities. As per a vastu expert from Dubai when you look and analyze it all, vastu defects in the business environment may be one of the crucial causes that leads to financial blockages and losses in business, however, applying the principle of vastu science will help bring prosperity, here is how.

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Different things in the business environment should be in harmony with the space and cosmic vibrations, here each item in the environment should be in the rightful direction:

If you have stairs leading to your office or your business establishment then the number should be odd that would be the most auspicious and synchronic means to prosperity.

Colors play an important role not only directly impacting the psyche but also as per the elements, for instance to enhance the water element blue shades should be used and so on. Remember the colors of the walls in your business establishment shall never be dark, favorable colors are light colors and all shades close to cream and white.

Cabin Doors
The entrance shall be in north or east direction for cabins and the doors should open inwards to usher in prosperity. As per vastu expert from Dubai when this is taken care of it helps in increasing business and potential number of buyers too. If there are any showcases then remember to keep these in north and west directions.

Sitting Direction
The owner of the establishment should face to east or north and this is the best way to construct the office for the owner or the CEO. Another alternate would be to face west.

Money Direction
The Kuber direction is the best to place your money, utilize the north direction where the money locker should open. If there are salesmen in your office then east or north are the directions where the sales counter should be facing.

Sales Goods Direction
Items on sales or showroom should be ideally placed in south, west, or north-west direction.

Ideally keep the middle of the workspace or the establishment open and without clutter to let the positive energy flow. another thing to remember is that the exit of the customer should be ideally from the middle direction.

Temple Direction
Keeping a small temple in your office is good but only when it is placed in the ideal direction, that should be placed in such a manner that the person should be able to look at it directly and face towards it.

IMage 3 Turn losses into profits

Other Tips to Turn Losses into Profits in Business

  • As per vastu expert from Dubai keeping and worshiping a Panchjanya conch shell in office temple helps in bringing prosperity.
  • Crystal balls that are consecrated properly by a vastu expert shall be placed in ideal direction for business growth.
  • Doors, windows and cupboards should be in mint condition and should not creek or else it leads to business blockages.
  • The prime entrance of the establishment should have a door that opens inwards.
  • Keep money vault or cash counter in north direction the direction of wealth God.
  • Keep a rectangular table in the meeting room.
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