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January 16, 2023

Vastu Shastra is the science of balancing elements and the energy of the space as per the ancient knowledge and the directions with relation to the planets concerned. When it comes to your own home, balancing the correct energy with relation to the space is essential and this requires that you should be able to avoid certain things that may cause negativity in the home. An imbalance of the energy due to wrong items and certain items that may cause imbalance to the energy of the space is where you need to be careful. So, what are those things that should be avoided in your homes as per Vedasrivastu, let us find out.

  • Avoid placing any picture or paintings in your house that depict war scenes, that equally goes for putting picture from Mahabharata and even from Ramayana that are related to war. This may lead to rivalry within your own family.

  • Avoid putting any thorny plant in your home, even if you think cactus is beautiful you should still avoid it as it is inauspicious.

  • Pictures or paintings that is negative such as trees without flowers or fruits or leaves. Sinking boats, swords, haunting scenes or animals captured or crying images should be avoided as it would only bring negativity to your house.
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  • Avoid keeping a show piece or painting of Taj-Mahal as it literally has grave in it that is related to death.

  • Do not put single animal or bird in couple’s bedroom, similarly putting pictures or statues of animals or birds that are violent in nature or unpleasant to look at should be avoided.

  • Terrifying pictures, demons, wild beasts, wolves and wild hounds any pictures of these animals shall be avoided.

  • Broken mirrors and broken idols or chipped idols of Gods or Goddesses shall be disposed off as it only disrupts the energy of the house.

Following these generic guidelines may help in avoiding negativity but you still require professional guidance. For personalized guidance, you should consult a professional vastu for Home in Dubai for customized remedies and analysis.

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