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April 26, 2023

Vastu Shastra suggests that energy flows like water, it should be able to flow throughout your property or house effortlessly or without hindrances. If there are blockages in spaces then the energy gets accumulated and it becomes stagnant leading to vastu defects. As per vastu expert from Dubai, it brings bad luck and sickness to the residents or the occupants of the premises. The entire energy field of the place is hindered and is full of negativity that significantly impacts the mind and body of the occupants.
So, what should be done and how to deal with it, let us find out all about it.

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Signs there is stagnant energy
It’s essential to identify if you are suffering from stagnant energy in your premises or home, following are some of the signs that you need to observe as per vastu expert from Dubai:

  • Lethargic or drained all the time whether physical or mental
  • No progress in finances and career
  • Feeling negative all the time
  • Triggered reactions and emotions
  • Dizziness and headaches with no apparent medical causes
  • Back and shoulder aches that are beyond medical diagnosis
  • Weak immunity followed by stress and anxiety
  • Unsettling mind and being indecisive
  • Weak libido or opposite to it insatiable desire
  • Stuck in loop of repetitive mistakes and patterns
  • Feeling unsettled

These are clear signs that point out to stuck or stagnant energy blocks that happen to be impacting the body and mind of the people occupying the property. When this continues you require a vastu expert to help you deal with it all and reverse the effects or else it will rob your vitality.

How stagnant energy is generated as per Vastu Shastra?
Your home or property is where your emotions and energy are generated, shared with people and created with numerous activities you carry on. When something negative starts happening one after another with no apparent reason then vastu Shastra should be consulted.

As per vastu Shastra following are the reasons stagnant energy is generated:

House location- If the house is located in an area that has heavy traffic or noisy surroundings then it breeds negativity within the residence too. Same goes for houses in high-pollution zone or level where it leads to lot of stress amongst people living in that area.
Dead animals- Decorating wall with head of dead animals or taxidermy may seem like a priced possession or a feat of machismo but as per vastu Shastra it only makes the residents feel negative.
Broken objects- Whether you have a broken mirror, broken time piece, broken or cracked utensils or some other object like an idol, it should be done away with without a second thought as it only brings blockages to prosperity and finances to the residents.
Dried or artificial flowers- Flowers look beautiful when they are fresh and changed daily, but when you use artificial flowers it leads to delusion and confusion in the mind. Same goes when you would not change dried flowers or keep dried flowers as decoration as it is again full of negative energy that impacts the mind.
Negative artwork- Psychologically too when you look at a negative painting you feel negative and so removing any artwork that is unpleasant would help a lot. Even if the artwork is a masterpiece or painted by a renowned artist if it is negative then it is best to remove it.

Image 2 Stagnant Energy

How it will benefit to clear stagnant energy using vastu shastra?

  • Energy blockages are lifted
  • People will immediately feel lighter and better mentally and physically
  • Occupants will start attracting positive energy and circumstances
  • Everyone will begin feeling positive beginning their day full of inspiration
  • Productivity and focus will increase dramatically
  • Your relationships at all level will be positively impacted and transformed
  • Lower stress level as energy will not be scattered anymore
  • Life becomes enjoyable as occupants feel happy
  • Rejuvenated state of mind and body
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