Significance of Vastu Shastra for creating a Balanced Residential Space

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IMage 1 Balanced Residential Space
October 25, 2023

Vastu compliant houses are significant and in demand these days and for this reasons while constructing, vastu experts are included in residential space planning. As per vastu expert from Dubai it is essential to balance all the vastu elements and zones that should strike a harmonious balance to provide serenity, prosperity and abundance to the residents in residential space. How is it possible and what vastu Shastra generic principles should be followed for balanced residential space?

IMage 4 Balanced Residential SPace

Creating balanced residential space as per vastu shastra


As per vastu Shastra the ideal shape of a plot or a residential space should be rectangular. Although even irregular shapes can be harmonious but the only condition is that it should follow the 16 vastu zone balance principle.


The prime entrance is where the energy flow enters within a space or a complex or even the houses constructed. Therefore it is essential that south-west entrance should be avoided as it only invites chaos, relationship issues and even debt. South-east too delays financial gains and should be avoided. However, ideal directions for prime entrances should be North, South, East and West zones that ushers in good health, prosperity and career growth. Door towards north-east is good for those looking for increasing their bank balance while west entrance is beneficial for financial gains and smooth life.

Image 2 Balanced Residential SPace


  • North-east zone should be dedicated to meditation rooms or Pooja rooms.
  • Avoid construction of toilet in west, south, east and north zones or else the residents will suffer financially and their health will deteriorate. South, south-west, west, north-west and east and
  • south-east are ideal for construction of toilet.
  • South, south-east and west are ideal directions for construction of bedrooms. For a good social life East zone bedroom is the best choice.
  • South-east to south-south-east are ideal zones for building a kitchen that would provide healthy food infused with positive vibrations to the dwellers of the property.

A detailed plan that is well organized but vastu Shastra compliant is essential for overall prosperity and abundance for the residents; therefore it is essential to engage a vastu expert from Dubai.

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