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March 30, 2023

Vastu Shastra is a science that is based on the ancient knowledge of the five elements, the energies related to each direction and balancing all of these as per the principles of vastu. It is believed that even slightest changes in items whether it is placement of door or window for ventilation and light purpose significantly impacts the quality of the occupants. As per vastu expert from Dubai there are certain things when it comes to designing a vastu compliant house that goes as per the principles of vastu for light and ventilation, let us learn all about it.

Image 1 Significance of light and ventillation

Significance of light and ventilation as per vastu Shastra:

Light and air bring energy within a given space whether it is an office or a home building, when the element of light is placed in the right direction then positivity flows effortlessly. For the purpose of attracting divinity within a house or office it is essential that the light should be in accordance to the vastu principles when natural light is hindered in any way or not able to make its way inside then it leads to negativity and it begins tampering with the mental health of the occupants.

As per vastu expert from Dubai ventilation too plays a significant role, for instance placing the windows opposite to doors enables in completion of positive cycle. Properly ventilated premises would help the occupants feel positive and they will lead a life of harmony. Additionally, vastu is also about even and odd numbers with relation to the placement of windows, even numbers are highly preferable due to the flow of positivity as even numbers resonate with positive elements, while the opposite is with odd
number of windows.

Now let us learn what vastu Shastra says about lighting and ventilation one by one.

Vastu Shastra for Lighting

When there is ample light it impacts the mind of the occupants positively as the light of the Sun helps in removing negativity and the rays of the sun provides vitality to all the living creatures on earth. On the same note it is important to understand that there are two types of lighting: one is the sunlight or the natural light and another is the artificial light that too is significant when the natural light is not present.

Building a home or an infrastructure of any kind should be designed in accordance to vastu Shastra rules wherein natural light should be ample, proper placement of doors and windows should ensure it easily enters.

Vastu for Lighting:

  • It is essential that sunlight should enter the bedrooms that should keep it well-lit during the day time. It brings in positivity and energy to the occupants throughout their day.
  • If there are any dark corners in the house devoid of sunlight then ensure that you lit these with artificial warm yellow or white lamps that should transmute the negativity.
  • If there is a basement or underground storage in home or shops or office then these should have proper sun windows or vents that allow ventilation and light.
  • The kitchen should receive ample daylight as the food cooked in this kind of kitchen would be vital with the sunlight blessing the food improving its nutritional quality.
  • Kitchen should be ideally built in the south-east direction of the house.

Vastu for ventilation:

Ventilation is essential for the occupants as it directly impacts the health of the people occupying the area, as explained earlier. For this reason placement of windows as per vastu Shastra is essential.

Image 2 Significance of light and ventillation

Do’s & Don’ts for windows

  • Ideally windows should be placed in the east direction.
  • Another ideal direction for windows is the northeast direction.
  • For more placements of windows and better ventilation it is suggested to have windows in the north direction.
  • South-west direction should be avoided for windows placement if there are any then it is essential to seek vastu consultation from an expert.

The above mentioned tips are just generic in nature; however, for personalized consultation and analysis of the site for better light and ventilation it is essential to consult a vastu expert from Dubai with years of experience and expertise.

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