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Image 2 Vastu Shastra and Architecture
May 23, 2023

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science of architecture that has been around since 6000 BC. It is a methodology that is based on the principles of balancing elements and constructing a house or property that is in harmony with it all. Considering the magnetic power, gravitational force, five elements, geographical conditions and sun rays it becomes essential to construct a property that is in compliance with it all for a harmonious environment.

Image 3 Vastu Shastra and Architecture

Why is vastu Shastra relevant in 21 st century architecture?

Whether it is a residential property or a commercial building when it is not constructed in compliance with vastu principles then the occupants face a lot of troubles, for instance, as per vastu expert from Dubai following may be the case:

  • Feeling lethargic and not being inspired to work.
  • Disharmony amongst the occupants of the property.
  • Lack of focus and prevalence of stress.
  • Financial troubles and deals that do not reach fruition.
  • People not being productive or lack the focus to do anything.

When a residential or commercial space is constructed as per vastu Shastra it comes in harmony with the elements of nature, for this reason modern architecture is considering vastu Shastra and vastu experts are hired during construction of a building. Let us understand more about it in detail.

Purpose of applying vastu Shastra in architecture of 21 st century

Even modern architecture basis is found in Vedic architecture of ancient India where vastu Shastra principles were always applied in construction. Architecture schools and engineering colleges of construction teach their students about ancient India and their architectural design based on which modern construction began and how it evolved into modern architecture with time.

Nonetheless, even though we live in 21 st century, we still like to occupy a place that gives us a sense of belonging and positivity that can only happen when we apply vastu Shastra principles to modern architecture.

Following reasons will explain you why is vastu Shastra principles are relevant in modern world architecture:

  • Evading negative forces and blending positive forces within the property that will help the occupants lead a prosperous life full of serenity.
  • Defects in modern construction can only be overcome with non-demolition Vastu Shastra compliance and remedies that can be analyzed and suggested by a Vastu expert from Dubai.
  • People are becoming rapidly aware of Vastu Shastra and its importance in constructing a home as per its principles, for this reason even the builders are fast engaging Vastu experts in constructing a modern building with the inclusion of vastu principles.
  • A building constructed as per vastu principles will vibrate to positive energy, bring immediate peace, and exude tranquility when anyone visits it and for this reason, it is more likely to be occupied quickly or sold at the earliest.

Vastu in Building

Shape of the plots is essential while building as per vastu principles; favorable shapes for plots are as follows:

  • Rectangular Plot
  • Square Plot
  • Bar-Shaped Plot
  • Wheel-Shaped Plot
Image 1 Vastu shastra and architecture

Directions in Vastu

Directions as per vastu are essential to be considered; these are calculated and dedicated to specific elements. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science that is based on the rotational settings of earth and when buildings are planned as per the orientation then it becomes suitable to the occupants. Constructing thevspace and dedicating items related to the elements of the space brings harmony and prosperity to the occupants, let us understand the elements and directions:

  • Eesanya North East(water)
  • Vayuvya – North West(air)
  • Agneya – South East(fire)
  • Nyruthi– South West(earth)

As per vastu expert from Dubai when these are followed then the people occupying the space lead a healthy, happy and prosperous life, when these are not in harmony or imbalanced then the opposite happens.

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