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June 30, 2023

Vastu Shastra is an ancient art and science related to placement of objects that are perfectly in alignment with the cosmic energy which in-turn creates a deep impact on human lives as said by vastu consultant from Dubai.

Further, it is a notable feature that when modern architecture includes vastu principles in its plans the structure is not only durable and auspicious; it also is sustainable and conserves the environment. Let us understand how.

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Environment conservation and vastu Shastra

  • Earth rotates and tilts on its own axis and due to this tilt we experience day / night and variations in seasons. These become a conduit of cosmic energy filtering towards human lives on earth.
  • Radiations of the sun, water, earth, air and fire are the elements including space element highly impacts human lives. When any of these are disrupted or imbalanced it creates chaos in the life of humans.
  • Balancing cosmic forces is mentioned in vastu principles and when a dwelling is planned accordingly as per vastu compliances then it becomes auspicious. Balance is maintained between human lives, environment and the space they occupy.
  • No matter where you may be living in which part of the world the principles of vastu Shastra are equally valid as it is designed to be such with directions, movement of earth and the seasons, sun-rays, movement of air and the environment.
  • Prosperity and peace prevails when all the principles of vastu are included in building planning that also is in harmony with the nature and the environment. Balancing the building plans in harmony with the climatic conditions is immensely becoming popular especially with the green revolution and with rising global warming concerns. At this time vastu Shastra is a robust way to begin with environment conservation.
  • Premises built in a way balancing the ventilation, natural light filtering through the windows and doors built in the right directions are deemed perfect as per vastu compliance principles. Not only such a dwelling is comfortable for its occupants but also in harmony with nature.
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Vastu Shastra and environment conservation

  • North-East: Low structures are recommended by vastu Shastra and high structures in south-west. The principle is based on North and South solstices (uttarayan & dakshinayan) enabling natural light exposure in the right manner.
  • Maximum open spaces in the north-east directions are suggested and minimum in south-west for better health of the residents. It is due to the fact that south-west corners bring in negative energy and this is the reason why tall trees are planted and designed to cover this space, thus resulting in a much needed green patch that supplies oxygen and breaks the negativity of the direction.
  • Sun rays are rightfully facilitated by planning less windows and doors between south – west directions. The rays of the sun early morning promote good health and act as insecticide with de-germinating effect.
  • Storing water tank in north-east zone ensures purity of water and protection from sun rays, also providing cooling effect on the water without destroying its natural minerals.
  • Ideal storage of food items and perishable goods should be in north-west zone to protect it from harmful effect of infra-red radiation of setting sun; also it helps in maintaining the quality of the items stored for a longer time.
  • East being the direction of the sun that is life giver and has fire element, same cosmic energy is harnessed when kitchen is built in the south-east corner. Food cooked receives the positive sun rays and empowers the food with vitality and nourishment that is required by our body. Thus humans consuming the food are naturally aligned to the cosmic positivity radiated by the sun.

Vastu Shastra is an ancient science designed by our holy sages in ancient times who were empowered with the wisdom of the cosmic world, building vastu compliance homes, commercial buildings, offices or any building for any purpose is not only in harmony with nature but also highly positive to its occupants. Considering planets, atmosphere, movement of earth and spaces directed to different elements are all in harmony and brings us back to living in harmony with nature itself teaching us to conserve nature where vastu Shastra is used as a tool to help deal with global warming.

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