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May 1, 2023

Vastu Shastra is all about leading a harmonious and successful life through the holistic means of vastu principles. Aligning the energy of the space and elements with the energy of the universe brings positivity in every aspect of an individual’s life. So, how is it that a residential space should be optimized for better energy, let vastu consultant from Dubai define it all for us.

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Vastu compliance for optimizing residential space
Positive energy can only flow when there are few or no hindrances to it, additionally items placed as per the elemental energies proves to be beneficial for the occupants of the property. However, only a professional vastu consultant like vastu expert from Dubai can provide thorough vastu application with in-depth analysis; let us understand how it would help you:

Harmony in Energies

Vastu Shastra consultant knows how to bring harmony of energy with relation to the dedicated space and balance it to provide maximum benefit. It is all about the right direction, right location for residential space that would prove to be positive to the owner of the property and dwellers equally.

  • Choosing the right décor and furniture as per vastu elemental principles balances the natural order of universe and brings balanced energy that positively impacts all.
  • Utilizing certain colors associated with the significant direction and space improves the energy of the space thereby promoting good mental and physical health.
  • It greatly impacts the mood and the personality of the dwellers when the space is utilized as per vastu principles.

Impacts Well-being
Your residence is your personal space that profoundly imprints your psyche and your physical health; it also impacts your finances, well-being and relationships at the same time. Making significant changes in the surroundings, furniture, adding or removing certain items dramatically impacts the energy of the area. As per vastu consultant from Dubai a few tips if followed would leave a positive impact:

  • Removing any thorny or milky plants like cactus, bonsai or any rubber plants will ensure that illness/ stress shall never bother the dwellers. Additionally, Holy Basil or Tulsi is the best plant to be kept in your premises for its medicinal properties and its natural ability to purify the air / surroundings that significantly impacts the health of residents.
  • Ensure there are no lose/ leaking faucets or water fixtures in your property as it leads to financial losses and health deterioration.
  • Avoid building or using or having any kitchen or toilets in north-east corner as it hampers child development and affects health.

Financial Abundance
Clutter of any kind whether it is unwanted accumulation of objects, old furniture, old but useless utensils and other decorative items leads to financial losses and stress within the family. It would only lead to stuck-up energy that hinders abundance of the residents.

As per vastu consultant from Dubai following tips would help:

  • Organizing your paper work and filing your important papers in a box or dedicated drawers is a better way to declutter and balance energy.
  • Your work desk or student desk should be facing north or east for best energy flow that helps in motivating the one using it and provides better focus. Additionally, it helps with improving finances.
  • A money plant is ideal to be placed on the workspace for inviting prosperity.
  • Remove any sharp objects from your desk that hinders your money matters.
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Better Relationships
Vastu Shastra improves existing relationships and brings harmony/ balance within interpersonal relationships of all kinds. Family bonds are strengthened and quarrels would not hold any space in your family, following tips are helpful:

  • South west corner is the best for building a master bedroom that improves the bonding and intimacy of the couple.
  • It is ideal to have windows in the north and east walls of the residence for free flow of positive energy and better ventilation.
  • Ensure that all the doors should open at a perfect angle of 90 degrees for inviting abundance in the house.
  • Positive artwork, fresh flowers, aroma candles and pastel colors should be used to activate positive energy of the elements, but these should be consulted with a vastu expert first.
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