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March 30, 2023

If you are born on the 8th, 17th, or 26th of any month then you are ruled by the planet, Saturn. Your unique quality is that you can be spiritualistic and materialistic at the same time as the number is powerful combination of authority, status, love for humanity and wisdom. When it comes to your professional life you are the one who’s is highly professional, good businessman and successful as compared to your peers.

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Character traits:

  • You are persistent towards the goal you set and work hard to accomplish the given task.
  • A good decision maker you are always ready to take up the next opportunity as you move forward towards achieving success.
  • Philosophy is something that you delve deep as you are philosophical at times.
  • People are drawn towards you seeking justice and you are admired for your balanced approach.
  • You are eager to help people and even humanity at large that makes you a very likeable person.
  • Resilient by nature you bounce back easily even when faced with adversity as you are a deemed survivor who never gives into the victim mentality.

Areas of improvement:

  • Flexibility should be your focus when dealing with people and opinions without being condescending.
  • You come across as someone who is domineering and it often gets in way of your friendships.
  • Often being materialistic drives you away from relationships and establishing good intimacy, it is advisable that you should take a balanced approach towards material and emotional world.
  • Being compassionate is essential and keeping your anger in check is yet another thing that you should follow to forge long lasting relationships.
  • You should provide advice without being judgmental as others may not be like you but they still have some positive traits that you can learn from.


  • Due to the influence of number 8 you are good with speculation and so stock market and trading is where you are most likely to shine.
  • Being a good decision maker and good with finances you can choose to have your own business or a start-up.
  • Your best suited career options are in the fields of law, surgery, finance and medicine.


  • Your best trait is you are family oriented and loyal.
  • You come across as a dependable person and a true friend.
  • You bask in admiration from your loved ones and only ask for love in return.
  • Your only negative trait is that often you become workaholic and money-minded that’s when you lose track of everyone around you.

Lucky colors

Best colors to enhance your luck is gold and Yellow and all shades of the sun.

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