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If your birthday falls on 7th, 16th, or 25th of any month then your ruling planet is Ketu. You are an analytical person who likes to have their own perspective about everything, being a deep introspective person you know things that others often overlook. According to the Vedasrivastu which also known as the best Vastu Consultant in Dubai. The trait of #7 gives you the ability to acquire spiritual knowledge and for this reason often people born on this date are wise beyond their years.

Often you play the part of being a problem solver in the group; with your analytical mind you are able to figure out why for any given situation or a question of deep pondering. Blessed naturally with the ability to heal people, you like to work alone and often like to avoid any group activities.

Character traits

  • You are a perfect combination of practicality and creativity.
  • Number 7 is often associated with spirituality and so you may be inclined to occultism and mysticism digging deeper into it all.
  • Assertive by nature you are masculine by trait; often you come across as someone cold.
  • Confident in your ability you are able to easily make positive impression, yet you seek attention of people around you.
  • Highly intellectual, you come across as someone who is genius with a bent of creative mind that completely have people baffled in trying to figure you out.
  • Your developed intellect keeps pushing you to pursue metaphysical and occult subjects whether for personal reasons or to resolve the big questions in your mind.
  • Always aiming to achieve something you do not stop till you attain your goal.
  • Keen on pursuing your spiritual path you keep analyzing and investigating the unknown.
  • Your knowing leads you to justice and you believe in being fair.
  • Discipline and organizing things comes naturally to you as you detest chaos.
  • You never get bored with routine life as you like the predictable routine that is properly planned and executed day in and day out.
  • You know how to provide comfort and healing to people on all aspects whether physical or emotional as you are able to easily tune into their needs.

Areas of improvement

  • Often you like to be left alone and so people view you as a cold-hearted or arrogant person. Letting your hair down and enjoying life should be your motto.
  • You like to keep your guard up all the time making it difficult for people to establish affinity with you. It is better that you learn to be a bit less guarded specially around your loved ones.
  • It is hard to decipher you as you would not let anyone close to you that makes it difficult for your loved ones to understand you on emotional level.
  • Highly opinionated with critical thought process, you give off the vibes of know-it-all that often becomes rather annoying to others. Understanding that we all have opinions and no one is superior should be your approach.
  • Letting your guard down every now and then will help you establish beautiful relationships.
  • You have difficulty in attracting a partner as you are not so forthcoming, it is good to make some improvements in your attitude towards others.
  • Shine your best quality of dry sense of humor that will help you get closer to people in a social setting.


Do you know Vedasrivastu provides the best Vastu Consultancy and Numerology Services in Dubai? His Says that, Order and discipline is where you will shine in your career, working alone is your best work trait. You may enjoy being a research analyst, philosopher, writer, ascetic or any technical field that requires you to use your skills of analysis, logic and intellect.

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Alternatively you will enjoy being an astrologer, psychic or a social worker.


  • Hard to decipher and harder to get close to you require someone who encourages you to let your guards down.
  • You take time in a relationship until you are sure about the real motive of another.
  • You are a devoted partner once you open up to someone.
  • You are sapiosexual by nature or someone who appreciates intellectual intelligence and for this reason you seek intellectual match. However, at the same time you would like your partner to be as introverted as you are.
  • You would like to have your own personal space and enjoy your independence even in an intimate relationship.
  • You may seek your match with #3 or #5 born people.

Lucky colors

Your lucky colors range from light green to any color that is close to Cat’s eye. Other alternate colors that you can include in your wardrobe or in your surroundings are light blue and light yellow.

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