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May 31, 2023

Commercial spaces that are in compliance with vastu Shastra principles do well and bring prosperity to the occupants as per vastu expert from Dubai. On the same lines, when a congenial environment is created utilizing the space and ensuring all the elements are balanced in accordance vastu principles then growth, positivity, focus and motivation is experienced. So, what does one needs to do to attract prosperity in commercial spaces through vastu, as per vastu expert from Dubai following tips should be applied.

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Right Directions

Office direction

  • Direction of Kuber the lord of prosperity is the right direction where a commercial establishment should be ideally in the north location. Other alternate directions that can be considered are east or west directions for financial stability.


  • The entrance door should be built in such a manner that it should never run into a wall as it would hinder positive energy flow. Ensure that the door opens towards east or north directions that would ideally welcome the positivity of the sun. Another thing to note is that there should be no barriers around the doors as these may thwart financial growth.

Office Colors

  • Colors play a vital role in energizing and uplifting the mood of the space, therefore as per vastu Shastra, it is essential to choose colors consciously. Lighter tones or neutral shades like off white and beige are always considered good as it reflects light and minimize internal conflicts Staircase Ensure that the middle section is kept hindrance free and no staircase should be built in that space as it would lead to financial losses. Best directions for building staircase or adding one would be south and south-west.


  • As reception is the main area to receive guests / clients etc. it should be grand and welcoming. Use of fresh and colorful plants can help in enhancing and activating the area


  • These should be ideally built in south southwest or west of northwest direction of the commercial space.


  • Having food on office desk is inauspicious as per vastu. It is essential that a dedicated space be utilized for having food, pantry for instance should be located in the south-east direction of the office and it should be painted in light pink or peach color for best results.


  • Best direction for the owner of the establishment should be facing the north, east or west directions. The layout for seating of the owner should be facing a concrete wall at the back rather than a false wall or a wooden one, same goes for keeping temple or an idol behind the seating arrangement of the owner.


  • Avoid seating arrangement for the employees direct below light beam. They should face east or north direction that would help with optimizing their output.
Image 2 prosperity in commercial success

In conclusion a complete vastu analysis for commercial spaces is essential along with vastu compliance done by a vastu expert from Dubai to increase your chances of prosperity and growth.

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