Do Vastu colors have an impact – Yes!! They can MAKE or BREAK your home!!

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October 16, 2023

Colors highly impact our psyche in such a way that it can turn a gloom into cheer and vis-à-vis, for instance dark colors like grey and all its shades would immediately impact the onlooker with the feeling of being sad. While bright colors like sunshine yellow would immediately uplift the mood of the person looking at it. With this logic wall colors in our house with respect to each room impacts the psychological condition and even physical health of the dwellers. As per vastu expert from Dubai, when we use colors in harmony with elements and directions it brings good physical and mental health. When dark colors are used and directions are not followed as per vastu Shastra then the positive energy is hindered, so let us understand how colors impact your home.

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Five Elements

Let us first begin to understand five elements:  earth, fire, water, air and space and the colors that are in alignment with the positivity of these elements to be able to balance it as per vastu Shastra:


The element signifies stability and for this it is essential to understand that the ideal colors for bedroom and living room décor should contain earth shades like beige, brown, green and off white.


To balance the fire element or the energy it is essential that your kitchen should be painted in colors that signify fire element and balance it. Colors like orange and red are ideal for kitchen walls, if you like to use combination colors then use neutral colors for creating perfect balance.


Water element depicts flow of energy and so using colors that are in harmony with the element are sea green and all shades of blue that can be used in bedrooms and bathrooms. It exudes calmness and serenity.


Air element is significant of expansiveness and for this it is essential to use colors that are in harmony with the element like yellow and shades of green, using pastels in your living room and open spaces in your house.


The space element can be balanced with the use of pastels, cream and white colors that can be used in meditation room and study room or library as well.

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Colors as per Vastu for Directions

Always engage a vastu expert from Dubai to fully analyze your home property and suggest you the right colors for your walls and even the décor; following are some of the generic tips that can be applied:

  • East– The ideal color for this direction is orange as this direction is governed by Sun; similarly south-east direction too can be harmonized with red color.
  • West– This direction is the direction of Saturn and it can be balanced by the use of grey color ideally, but seeking consultation with vastu expert from Dubai will provide better insights and remedies.
  • North– Ideal color for this direction governed by air and water elements should be green and light blue. It is also believed that the direction is sacred space of Goddess Lakshmi that makes it the direction of wealth and prosperity. North-east wall should ideally be colored in yellow as it is the color of Jupiter that impacts material aspect of the life of an individual.
  • South– Mars is the planet that signifies this direction and so to harmonize it the ideal color to paint the walls of south should be red or orange.

Using ideal colors in the right direction and with regard to elements is where vastu Shastra works well, however only an expert vastu Shastra professional can fully analyze and provide remedies that will help bring perfect harmony within the house

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