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Image 2 Losses in factories
March 22, 2023

Whether you are an owner of a factory or industry the primary focus is to achieve success and abundance in your business. When the opposite of what you desire begins happening then one of the major reasons can be related to a vastu dosha or vastu defect. Eliminating vastu defects is the work of a vastu expert who will analyze your premises for on-site problems, identify them and then begin their analysis to work out the best vastu plan that will help you with eliminating the defects and reap benefits
of positive energy.

Image 3 losses in factories

The key factor contributing towards optimum performance of a factory is dependent on the site it is built, the layout of the industry or factory, orientation of the plot and placement of machines, offices, stairs, kitchen, administrative areas and a lot more. Let us understand why and how vastu defects affect
an industry / factory as per vastu expert from Dubai.

Defective Vaastu:

  • If the placement of the underground water tank or a bore well is in the south-east corner then expenditure will increase multiple times than the income.
  • Heavy machine or any heavy object stored in the central area of the premises will ensure that the output will be poor, production all time low and the factory will frequently run into obstacles.
  • Open space in west and south zone of the factory/ industry will lead to receiving quality related complaints resulting in order cancellation and difficulty in gaining new customers for business or goods.
  • Tall structure towards north direction will lead to money and resources related issues that will impact the financial flow of the factory.
  • A factory built on a hill, having a mountain or having an overhead tank to east or north direction will soon run out of business as it only creates uncalled for hindrances in business.
  • Having small compound walls in the south-west corner as compared to other directions such as north-west, north-east or south-east will make the overall energy of the plot inauspicious.

How to know if the poor vastu is affecting your industry /factory?

Following are some of the ongoing issues a factory or industry owner will keep facing despite their best efforts that point to vastu defects in the property:

  • Frequent accidents on-site that seem unavoidable
  • Profits falling drastically
  • Difficulty in landing deals or gaining new proposals
  • Overall disharmony amongst all the people working in the premises
  • Negative energy effecting the mind-set and health of the people within the factory
  • Low production
  • Decline in sales and quality of the goods / services
  • Frequent breakdowns of machinery
  • Chaos amongst the workers / employees

What happens to industries ignoring vastu compliances?

It is a well-known fact that vastu is an ancient science that impacts the space, people and the elements when these are not in harmony then it leads to chaos and losses. Majority of factories built in wrong locations even with good infrastructure were closed due to vastu defects. Eventually facing failure in business, not being able to land deals, having difficulty to maintain daily expenses and ignoring vastu leads to insurmountable trouble.

Even big ventures become sick within short time due to lack of vastu compliance or ignoring vastu defects or not hiring a vastu expert. Not having the knowledge of vastu principles, it is better to hire a vastu expert like a vastu consultant from Dubai with a proven track record in helping with vastu compliance. Your business will improve with the right professional guidance and you can avoid running into unnecessary and uncalled for issues bothering you due to vastu defects.

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