Can Vastu Dosha be corrected without Demolition?

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February 8, 2023

A vastu compliant home is where there is the perfect balance of energy and the occupants lead a harmonious life. However, most of the modern-day houses are not built as per vastu Shastra and are thus full of numerous doshas that negatively affect the residents of the house. Occupants living in a house where there are numerous vastu doshas suffer from various ailments, financial losses, blockages in success, and chaos amongst the residents. If this is so then it becomes essential to go for vastu correction, more than often you may have heard that vastu correction is related to refurbishing the premises. Demolition is a part of vastu correction, which may be partly true, but there is a way out of it. Correcting vastu dosha without demolition is possible too as per vastu expert from Dubai. 

No demolition vastu involves making changes to the placement of things and items including furniture and introducing new elements within the premises to make it positive. Harnessing the positivity of the area or the direction using the right elemental item placement makes a huge difference to the energy of the entire house. Let us understand and learn no demolition vastu corrections. 

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No demolition Vastu Shastra corrections 

  • The ideal placement of the Pooja room or worship place shall be in the northeast direction which helps in enhancing the positivity of the entire house. 
  • Keeping the windows open for the rooms located in the northeast direction too will do the same trick. 
  • For ingesting positivity within your body, it is suggested that you keep your dinner plates in a southeast direction, or better still eat while sitting in that direction while facing the northeast direction. 
  • Avoid having your bed under a beam or else all the stress will weigh you down. 
  • Avoid putting any mirrors in your bedroom, if you do have any then cover them up while sleeping to avoid illness. 
  • Remove any thorny plants from your house as it creates conflicts amongst the residents. 
  • West and southern walls/directions are best for placing electrical appliances in your kitchen. 
  • If there is a student in your house let them have a study room in the east direction, and place their study table in the south or west direction wherein they are facing the east or north direction. 
  • Family pictures should be ideally placed on the west wall of the house. 

Using Shree Yantra

The most popular and the most auspicious symbol of all time for prosperity that has been so for thousands of years is Shree Yantra. It is said to absorb positive energy and spread all the positive cosmic energy from the universe within the environment it is kept. When there is a high amount of positive energy it neutralizes the negative energy within the environment. However, for it to work you would need a genuine Shree Yantra and get it energized, know where and in which direction to place it, and how to use it well to harness positivity through it. All this can only be suggested by a vastu consultant like a professional vastu consultant from Dubai, providing your personal property analysis with personalized no-demolition vastu shastra solutions that are well suited for you. 

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