Be Cautious While Planning Your Office/Commercial Spaces – Know Why?

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January 16, 2023

Applying vastu principles brings harmony and abundance to all kinds of premises whether it is an office or commercial space or a factory or even a showroom. It is essential to follow vastu principles as suggested by a vastu consultant from Dubai for commercial spaces to enjoy success at work and harness the abundance of positivity with the right rules applied. For the purpose of generating ebb and flow of finances and regularity in your professional life you need to be cautious in planning your office or commercial space.

Take for instance the energy of various fields and spaces emanating from different directions, these have unique effect on the people occupying the space. The diverse field of energy impacts several dimensions of the lives of people who are within that particular space.

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When it comes to office or commercial building it is all about following the vastu principles that should be in tune with the natural forces of nature and the science of vastu. Vastu helps in providing maximum positive benefits harnessing the positive energy of the space and direction that helps the individual in a particular field, for instance in office where they require an energy that would support their endeavors. Obstruction to the energy would cause obstructions and hindrances to work, deals will not come to fruition, finances will not be regular and you will feel lackadaisical in your work. Several other spheres of your life will be affected adversely.

  • No proper lighting will lead to darkness and positivity.
  • Wrong placement of furniture or electronic items will lead to energy drain.
  • Having clutter in your office space or wrongly placed items will lead to blockages in your work area.
  • Placing wrong type of furniture will leave you with energy imbalance and confusion in your office.
  • Doors and windows when built in the wrong direction may lead to positive energy drain and negativity.

To avoid any of these imbalances, it is essential you should consult a Vastu for Homes and Residences in Dubai to gain a personalized analysis and remedies that would benefit you.

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