Vastu Shastra Tips on Correcting West Facing Entrance Energy

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The West direction is opposite to the east and while one is light another is darkness, for this reason, many Vastu experts advise against choosing a west entrance home. It is considered inauspicious for the residents of the house they will face huge financial losses and they will suffer from numerous health issues. However, an expert like Vastu consultant from Dubai will suggest otherwise even if it is a west-facing entrance that you choose to reside in. Let us find out why and if this direction is really inauspicious or if is it just another myth floated on the internet.

Image 1 West Facing Entrance

West entrance

Myths related to west entrance:

  • It is an inauspicious direction as it is permanently in darkness
  • Due to lack of sunray, it should be avoided as it may cause health issues
  • The house is inauspicious due to the negative west direction as per some Vastu experts
  • Occupants will suffer huge financial losses if they choose to live in the west entrance house
  • The energy of the entire house is negative when it enters the west direction


As per Vastu consultants from Dubai west is one of the most auspicious directions after east facing entrance. When one is to look at the entrance of the house it is not the sole determinant for positive or negative energy entering the house.

West is the direction of youth and energy, people occupying west-facing houses are said to gain prosperity and are popular in their social circle as well. For this reason why it is considered good for businessmen, teachers, public figures, and entrepreneurs or those who are involved in the marketing field. People residing in such a home will hardly have any enemies as the energy of the house is such that it makes the residents of the house lovable by all in all social situations and even in relationships whether personal or professional.

It is believed that people who live in west-facing homes are likely to be prosperous and have plenty of friends. They won’t have any enemies and will be loved by all at their workplace, in personal relationships, and in social situations.

The direction itself becomes positive, yet there are some golden Vastu rules that one should follow for making this direction favorable and harnessing the positivity of this particular direction.

For prosperity and to obtain the maximum benefit of the west direction one should follow Vastu shastra principles after consulting an expert who will properly scrutinize all the aspects of your west-facing house.

Image 2 West Facing Entrance

Tips for the prime entrance in the west direction


  • If you are constructing a house in the west direction then you should vary of minding the ground level, it should be constructed a bit above the ground level with a few steps
  • The entrance shall be bigger than all the other doors as per Vastu shastra
  • The wood used for the main entrance door should be of high quality and different than the other doors of the house, it should literally stand out
  • If you would like the main entrance to be strong and positive then the best that you can do is place a wooden threshold or a stone-built one that will enable the prevention of wealth loss
  • Adding a big and clear nameplate to the house will ensure that you attract wealth and numerous money-making opportunities
  • Ensure that the main door is free of any dents or scratches if it happens then replace it


  • Avoid having a close entrance next to your neighbor as per Vastu it is inauspicious, your entrance shall not face another person’s home directly
  • If you built a house in the west, then a septic tank should be avoided next to them or even anywhere near the entrance of the house
  • Avoid keeping a shoe rack or shoes right in front of your entrance door
  • Avoid fancy doors like circular or sliding doors that are more being used out of fashion in homes these days

Now that you are aware of a few rules and myths about the west-facing entrance of the house, it is essential to get an opinion on managing the energy of the house from a Vastu expert. For detailed analysis and personalized remedies consult a Vastu expert from Dubai on it. 

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