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Principles of Vastu Shastra and Numerology
December 14, 2021
Numerology For #1 People

Character traits

  • No 1 people are competitive in spirit and determined they strive to achieve and maintain their freedom of speech and freedom in actions.
  • They are the initiators of any idea or project, having leadership skills and qualities they are highly self-reliant and are rarely if ever working of another authority. 
  • Vastu Shastra will help you to achieve any goal once they set their heart and mind to it and find means to complete it successfully. 
  • Creative by nature they are always bringing new ideas to the table with solutions. 
  • Charismatic and entertainer by nature they are good at telling stories and they are able to hold the attention of a large crowd as they love the spotlight. 
Numerology For #1 People

Areas of improvement

  • Often they set high standards for self and others that create conflict. Listening to others opinion and giving another a chance is essential to maintain harmony. 
  • Self-criticism is where they dip down low, so a positive self-talk should be practiced. 
  • Cooperation is the key when they work in groups as they hate it when someone lags behind or they dislike slow workers. Need to understand that each one works at their own pace. 
  • Dominating tendency is often seen in No 1 people, if they are too domineering then they lose relationships and friendships. Better to be compassionate and let another have their way too. 


  • Being a visionary, creative person and a leader they are apt at being an entrepreneur, self-employment is the best they can strive for.
  • PR, Communication, Politics, Astrology and Military or Law Enforcement is best suited for their personality type. 


  • They look for perfection in all areas, but this is exhausting when looking for their perfect mate. So, they should take time out to look for a compassionate soul. 
  • Letting your partner take charge at times will ease off any relationship issues. 
  • Your best pair as a No1 is with 3 and 5. 

Lucky colors 

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Colors related to Sun, all shades of gold and yellow including orange shall be lucky for you. 

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