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Easy tips to attract money to your wallet/purse
December 23, 2021

Money being the most essential commodity that runs our practical world is much needed by us all, yet some of us are constantly complaining about not having enough of it or running short on money. Another common problem is that your wallet or purse is not being able to sustain money and the inflow of cash, it is literally at an all-time low. So, is there something that can be done to ensure that your wallet/ purse can become a money magnet and attract money? There are simple tips as stated by Vastu consultant in Dubai that you can apply to ensure the flow of money, tips that you can implement to help your purse/ wallet become a place to retain cash in it. However, first, let’s begin with understanding how some items contain within them money positivity and how it impacts the overall money to your wallet/purse.

What brings good fortune for cash inflow?

It is essential to understand that the tips mentioned below come from ancient wisdom embedded in our Indian culture that enables in attracting money, it includes some items of positive energy that will help you in creating optimum cash energy that will reside within your wallet/purse. Using or putting this specific item (s) in your wallet/ purse will get the abundance of energy going and clear out any negativity that is keeping you from having regular cash flow. 

What items should be kept in the wallet to bring you good luck?

Brass and silver objects/ money

Remember we use silver coins placed on the altar of our homes during Diwali Pooja, well the same goes for keeping silver coins as the metal element that helps attract wealth and prosperity. You can either purchase a silver coin or a silver object of religious significance and place it in your wallet it would function the same. Next, you can place brass objects that can easily fit in the space of your wallet or purse that will bring clarity and freshness to your money space providing cash inflow. 


Have you ever wondered why number 108 is sacred, it is due to the fact that it is the number of the wholeness and so, keeping 108 rupees in your wallet/purse in a separate compartment brings in the same positive energy of wholeness where there is no space of lack? However, you should ensure that the banknotes are not crumbled, damaged, or old, you need to have crisp, new banknotes and ensure that wherever you keep them these should be kept straight, avoiding folding them over. 

Easy Tips To Attract Money To Your Wallet/Purse

High balance debit cards

The ease of carrying plastic money cannot be denied, so why not use this to your benefit? Begin carrying high balance cards in your wallet/purse, these should be debit cards as it attracts the positive energy of saving and keep you full with money energy.  Another way of doing it is to keep membership cards to exclusive clubs or membership to places that are only available to privileged customers such as you. Any of these that exude prosperity vibes is where you will get the energy circulating in your favor. 

Grains of rice

Akshat or grains of rice is sacred in Indian culture and used in many rituals and to date, many of us consider it a symbol of prosperity. So, keeping exact 21 grains of rice packed in a small zip-locked pack will help you in attracting abundance, also it will help you in steering clear of impulse spending. You can also change grains of rice every month to keep the energy fresh. 

Peepal leaf

In our Indian culture peepal tree is often worshipped for numerous reasons; medicinal qualities and its spiritual powers are known to have been provided to Gautam Buddha who attained enlightenment while meditating under one such tree. By its blessed powers, you too can achieve prosperity by keeping a peepal leaf in your wallet or purse; you can carry a piece of it not necessarily to carry the whole leaf. 

Lotus roots/Kamal Gatta

Known for its medicinal powers and is used in healing, it is powerful to heal the lack of money that you experience in your life. Another reason would be that it is again one of the items used in worshipping Devi Lakshmi during Diwali. So, here you go, keep a few of these that will attract prosperity and good luck, while at the same time protecting you from any ill luck. 

Gomti Chakra

Used in worshipping Devi Lakshmi for seeking her blessings for prosperity and to attract money, this item is sacred and is full of positive prosperity vibes that work well in attracting abundance. However, you should be careful in purchasing one as there are many selling fake copies that would not work if you happen to purchase one. 

Sea Salt

Ensure that you carry a pinch of sea salt in your wallet/purse wrapped in a small plastic bag. It helps attract money and keeps the negative forces away. However, do this ritual of sea salt at the beginning of the new moon cycle that will add potency to attract abundance. 

In conclusion, these tips are simple yet effective; you should have full faith while implementing any of these tips that will help it work faster. For more tips and detailed Vastu remedies/ consultancy get in touch with a professional like Vastu consultancy and numerology services in Dubai

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