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Vastu Tips for Better Relationships

Normal friction in the family or marital relationships is common, but if the friction cannot be resolved and you are constantly facing a lot of relationship issues then there is more than what meets the eye. The place where you live, the house or the premises or your bedroom has Vastu defects that you are not aware of. It is essential to focus on the Vastu aspect of your home as it is something that should not be ignored. 

What do professional Vastu consultants and numerologists in Dubai say about Vastu?

Professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai of Vastu consultants in Dubai for property planning in Dubai say that You need to understand that the vibrations you feel in a certain place are the key. For instance, you may have felt uncomfortable in certain places while some places you may have visited for the first time but you felt in harmony, it is all due to the Vastu of that place. 

Vastu Tips For Better Relationships

When the Vastu of the place is well balanced then you feel harmonious and when it is the opposite chaos, negativity, and friction in relationships are experienced. It is essential to understand the five elements that need to be balanced as it is where you need to begin, this is because your environment is affecting you, your energy, the energy of the occupants, and the mental state of the people you are living with. Any imbalance in the Southwest or Northwest zone may have a direct impact on the bonding among family members. Hence, special care should be taken while designing the house, so that Southwest and Northwest zones should be free from toilets and any green substance like plants, etc. 

Vastu Tips for Better Relationships

Following are some of the important tips by professional Vastu consultants and numerologists in Dubai or Vastu for success in studies in Dubai that you can follow to correct the Vastu defects of your home or the room you are occupying: 

  • Always maintain a tidy home and atmosphere in your house that should be clutter-free. Placing too many objects in a room hinders the positive energy flow. 
  • The ideal placement of the bedroom should be in the southwest that helps in bringing positivity to relationships. 
  • Your sleeping position too determines your mindset and so it is essential to maintain a sleeping position wherein you sleep with your head in the South direction. 
  • The bedroom walls should be painted in bright, light, and pastel colors to bring in a cheerful atmosphere. Dark and grim colors should be avoided on the walls of the bedroom. 
  • If there are more than one door or doorways in your bedroom then avoid placing the bed between these two. 
  • Remember not to let your bed face the mirror or it will bring in diseases and mental health issues. The mirror in the bedroom should not reflect any body part or any part of the bed. 
  • Often having attached bathrooms is a matter of convenience these days, although it creates a Vastu defect within the bedroom, if you happen to have one then always keep the door shut to avoid negativity. 
  • The kitchen is where the most energy is stored and the epicenter of energy in any home so it is essential to check the direction of the kitchen. The ideal direction for the kitchen is in the South-East direction as that is the direction of Agni. If it is not possible then the next best option is to have it in the North-West direction. 
  • People have a tendency to decorate their homes with flowers, but in modern times real flowers are too expensive and high maintenance, so people switch to decorating the home with artificial flowers. Artificial flowers should be avoided at any cost, either decorate your home with real flowers or no flowers at all. 
  • If there are any artifacts in your bedroom then remember to make a pair of them, the best that you can do is keep a pair of swans or a pair of a loving couple figurines in your bedroom. 
  • Pillows or even decorative cushions should be in pairs that help in bringing harmony. 
important tips by professional Vastu consultants and numerologists in Dubai