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Vastu for Fame and Career Advances

Needless to say that we all like to progress in our lives, however, something or the other keeps creating hurdles. If you too are facing troubles in your career and even after your best efforts are left short-changed then it is essential to check for Vastu Shastra that will help you in bringing advances to your career and fame. It is all about the energy and the vibrations, balancing the elements around you, and inviting positivity that will help you stabilize your energy in such a manner that you will reap the rewards of Vastu. A fruitful professional life is possible by following some easy-to-do but important Vastu tips as suggested by Vastu consultants in Dubai who are known to help in providing the right guidance related to Vastu. So, let’s begin and understand what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided when it comes to achieving fame and career advances. 

How to use Vastu for fame and career advances? 

There are some rules of Vastu that one should follow to gain the optimum benefit from this scientifically proven technique. You will need to balance out the elements and identify the don’ts that are the cause of negativity in your career advancement. 

Vastu for Fame and Career Advances

Things to do

  • Ensure that your workstation exudes positivity and for this, you need to place a small statue or figurine of Laughing Buddha that helps in removing stress and invites positivity to your workplace.
  • If you can then change your regular chair to a high-back chair, not only it provide the right lumber support but also invites career prospects. If you have a cabin then make changes to your work furniture that should be made of wood as this will enhance your success rate. 
  • Your face should be in the North or North-East direction that promotes positive energy and ushers career growth. 
  • Empower the North-East direction of your cabin or work station by placing a painting or picture of a water body or a waterfall or a lake that helps in accelerating the career instantaneously. 
  • If you own an office then ensure that your cabin should have the doors and windows facing the East or North direction and these areas in the office entrance too should be free of any clutter or obstructions. 
  • Ensure that the workstations in your office or your own are rectangular in shape that ensures career growth. 
  • The workstation should be easy to reach and it should be ideally in alignment with the navel. It is essential for bringing in positivity and inviting positive energy. 
  • Keeping your work area free of any clutter, organizing it, and keeping it clean ensures a smooth workflow and a positive mindset. 
  • The workstations should be ideally facing the East direction and the back of the person sitting on these workstations should have a wall behind to promote creativity among the employees. 
  • For positive energy, you can place a small idol of Lord Ganesh, Om symbol, or even the Swastika symbol to promote good energy. 
Vastu for Fame and Career Advances

Now that you are aware of what you should do, there are some things as suggested by Vastu consultant for business and growth in Dubai that one should completely avoid, these are as follows: 

Things to avoid

  • Avoid sitting right under a light beam as it is not only bad for the eyesight but also causes mental distraction and tension. It hinders your mental process and focuses at work. 
  • Ideally, you should have your meals or lunch in a lunchroom or office cafeteria, avoid having it on your workstation. 
  • Plastic furniture, noisy atmosphere, and negative pictures that depict violence or negative imagery in paintings or pictures should be avoided as it hinders mental clarity. 
  • Avoid sitting in a congested area or workstation that would only rob you of your mental peace. 
  • Your sitting position is essential to let positivity flow through your body from the universe, so avoid crossing your legs.

These tips may be simple yet effective, for more tips and detailed analysis it is advised to consult Vastu experts.