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Vastu Shastra – The Art of Channeling Positive Energy

Vastu Shastra is a science of energy balancing that helps in achieving harmony and prosperity. Achieving positive results in every arena of your life and being able to enjoy a healthy life it is essential to apply vastu Shastra principles for channeling positive energy. Let us understand as per vastu consultant from Dubai how to channel positive energy and benefit from it using vastu Shastra principles.

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How to channel positive energy in home?

 Keep your premises decluttered and clean at all the times, especially the windows that are a gateway to Goddess Lakshmi.
 Avoid any broken or chipped things even if it is dear to you as it only impedes positive flow of energy in the house.
 Keep your bed boxes organized at all the times and keep clearing out unused items or items that you no longer require.
 Mopping the floors with salt water helps in removing negativity from the house.
 Bathroom doors should always be kept closed and the lid of the toilet seat shall always be down or closed when not in use. Air fresheners should be used in your bathroom.
 Avoid keeping your medicines in the kitchen.
 The morning shall start with divine music or chants of mantras for maximum positivity.
 Furniture edges shall not he sharp, similarly it should not be red, black or grey, remove such décor from the house or rather keep it at minimum.
 Keep positive pictures at home that induce calmness and positivity when you look at it.
 Light a Diya or camphor in the evening that helps in harnessing positivity within the house. Sandalwood incense sticks can be used for the same purpose.
 If you are experiencing regular negativity in the entire house then burn a few bay leaves in a fire-proof container and let it smudge the entire house or go through each room and then open the windows for removing negativity.
 Remember to dispose off items no longer in use or those that are not used from a very long time.
 Hang wind chimes near the prime entrance of your house it attracts positivity and wealth.
 For those looking for overseas opportunities they can place paintings of foreign currency, racing bikes / cars and flying birds on the walls.
 Placing peacock feathers on the south-east wall helps in attracting wealth and positivity within the house.
 Keep a statue of laughing Buddha for removing any negativity from the house, place it in the east direction of your house or on the main door entrance if the house is east facing.
 For maximizing positivity in your house use a wooden tortoise that should be placed in the east or south-east area of your house.

 Placing all the clocks on the north or north east direction is ideal for progress, if any clock is non-functional then remove it or get it repaired immediately as it leads to stagnation in your life.
 Hanging a horseshoe ends pointing upwards on your main entrance will bring your good luck and all the positivity will be contained within your house.

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Applying these simple yet effective vastu Shastra remedies for channeling positivity works well but forpersonalized consultation and vastu remedies for your premises whether home or office, it is good to consult a vastu expert from Dubai.