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Placement of Mirrors as per Vastu Shastra

Mirrors are the energy portal and also effect the reflection, the direction and placement of mirrors if not done correctly as per vastu Shastra principles, leads to chaos, bad vibes and even diseases. Another thing to note is that mirror reflects everything not just the shadow of the person but also positivity and negativity alike, when it is placed right then it becomes a source of positivity.

Vastu expert from Dubai states that mirrors often absorb negativity, and any object or item that exudes negativity when reflected in the mirror multiplies it and creates negative environment. Placing any shiny object, glass, shiny items that have reflective surfaces act as mirror. It is essential to understand where and how to place mirrors in different parts of a house, let us get to that in details.

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The location of master bedroom should ideally be in the south-west or south direction that is the direction of earth element providing stability and strength. It is essential to understand that when this element is present then placement of mirror becomes crucial as it is symbolic of water element that is highly volatile and unstable or rather it impacts the emotional aspect.

  • Earth and water element do not gel together but create chaos, so it is not advisable to have a mirror in bedroom.
  • Energy of mirror interferes with the stability of earth element and it creates chaos for the couple or even in the life of the individual occupying the room.
  • If you like to keep a dressing-table in your bedroom then remember to conceal it prior to going to sleep with a cover.
  • Even if you have a mirror placed on your wardrobe or closet in your bedroom then remember to cover it so it should not reflect any body part or else disease will manifest in the body part(s) reflected in the mirror.
  • The entrance or the bedroom door should not be reflected in the mirror placed in the bedroom or else one would lose all opportunities.
  • Beds with designer head rests should strictly be avoided as it results in sleeplessness and issues related to head.
  • False ceiling should not reflect anything or even if the design contains a mirror then it should be remodeled and mirror should be removed as it may become a constant cause of stress to the occupant.
  • Always ensure that the mirror is perfect, shiny, devoid of any imperfections or these shall be reflected in your personality too.
  • If you have to keep a mirror attached to a dresser then placing it on east or north wall is ideal for your bedroom.
  • A dresser with a huge mirror can ideally be placed besides your bed for ideal position. Remember to position it in a direction that should not be reflecting your bed.

Dressing Table

It is common to have a dressing table in bedroom as it is a part of vanity these days. If one is to keep a dressing table then it should be by the side of the bed that would not be reflecting the bed. If one can avoid keeping it in bedroom then the ideal placement of dressing table should be in another room, it can be kept in north or east direction.

Kids’ Rooms

 Again the golden rule or the rule of thumb shall be followed for placing mirror in bedroom that is should not reflect the bed. It should be completely avoided as it may lead to stress, illusions and negativity, it is essential to remember that the mind of a child is already volatile and thus placing any mirror in their bedroom shall be avoided.

Living Rooms

  • If the entry to your home opens in your living room then avoid mirror placement on the entrance or the entry gate. This way all the energy will be reflected back out of your house, unless suggested otherwise by a vastu Shastra expert that too in exception cases. Mirror placement on the foyer or above console table is ideal placement of the mirror.
  • Mirror opposite to the window helps in creating a brighter room, the ideal placement is on east or north wall of the room.
  • Reflect the landscape that you see through your window if that is the case then it shall reflect the same back to your room bringing you abundance and positivity.
  • Placement of mirror that reflects your dining table will help multiplying your food and wealth alike. It will keep the family together if you all dine together on such a dining table. The relationships between family members will be harmonious and balanced.
  • If you can place or position the mirror that can reflect the entire dining or living room then it will enhance the entire vibe of the room making it positive and uplifting.
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  • Mirror should be placed to reflect the light in the bathroom or it should be placed on a well-lit wall. North or east wall of the bathroom is ideal for placement of mirror. A full length mirror is good but it should be fixed to the wall in a steady manner.
  • Avoid placing mirror reflecting the toilet in any way as it will amplify negativity.
  • Mirror should be well above the basin that would not be stained with water marks, and it should always be kept clean.
  • Avoid sticking bindi or stickers on the mirror as it would bring negativity.