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Unlock the Mysteries of Your Life Path and Destiny Numbers

Know the Significance : Life Path Number ; Destiny Number

Your name and your date of birth are extremely significant as both these hold different and distinct vibrations that deeply impact your life. Whether you are choosing a career or a different path to follow or you are confused about what to do and where to go, all the mystery is hidden in your name and your birth date. It is all about your life path number and the destiny number, these are highly significant in the life that shape your entire destiny and govern your fate. As per numerology and vastu expert from Dubai, your life path is where you need to focus and your destiny number is where you should go.

Know the Significance : LIfe Path

What is a life path number?

Your strength and weakness, you innate ability to lead or to follow are all uncovered in your numerology. The choices you make and how your choices will shape your life ahead is where your life path number holds significance.   Your aspirations, your luck, your personality, the way you make choices are all governed through your life path number. You can discover all the hidden aspects of your life and personality through the numbers of your birth date.

Calculating Your Life Path Number

In order to find our your life path number all you need to do is add up all the digits in your date of birth and arrive at a single digit.

For instance:

20 October 1989

2+1+1+9+8+9= 30

Not considering the zeros of the date of birth the number would be #3 that would be the life path number for this individual. However, one rule of thumb is that if you arrive at double digits like 11,22,33 then do not reduce these to single digits as these are within itself master numbers full of powerful energy in the numerology chart. These double digits amplify the energy of the numbers as these challenge and push people ahead to break the monotony of their comfort zone and achieve something by growing out of it. When these numbers are seen the individual is born with higher purpose of a spiritual nature.


What is Destiny Number?

Destiny number is also called as expression number that is all about what an individual is destined to do in their life. For this reason, it is called the destiny number as it is your destiny to do that particular task assigned to your by the divine realm. When you follow your destiny, all the doors to abundance and success automatically open for you. Following your destiny leads you to a fulfilled life.

Calculating Your Destiny Number
to calculate your destiny number remember to use your full name, or the official name that you use on all the official papers. In India destiny number is derived by the name of the child used in their horoscope, the name they are given at the time of their birth even if they are not using it as the individual is born with that destiny or vibrations in this lifetime.

Using each alphabet assigned to a particular number this is how it can be done:

  1. Write your full Name.
  2. Assign values to the alphabets from the following table:-

Chaldean Numerology Alphabet Chart

Numerology Numbers for Name


3. Assign numerical values to each name separately and reduce them to single digits. Then, add these single digits to determine the Destiny Number. For example, if the individual’s name is::

Akash Kumar

Akash= 1+1+1+3+5= 11= 2

Kumar= 2+6+4+1+2= 15= 6

2+6= 8 ; that is their destiny number