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Vastu for Auspicious Puja Room
January 14, 2022

Energy whether positive or negative plays an essential role for the occupants of a property or home. For this reason, Vastu for Puja room is an important aspect as it is the place or prime center of positive energy. The puja room Vastu should be perfect in all aspects to usher in prosperity, harmony, and abundance. 

Aspects of Vastu for Puja Room

There is a lot when it comes to puja room Vastu as elaborate analysis is required, however, there are some broad aspects that one can take care of as per the Professional Vastu Consultant and Numerologist in Dubai:

  • The puja room should be kept clean all the time this includes discarding any dry flowers or offerings that are stale
  • Old pictures and chipped idols should be removed
  • The puja room should always be properly lit
  • Avoid any clutter in or around the puja room 
Vastu for Auspicious Puja Room

Puja Room significance in different zones of the home

Consider the direction as a pivotal point in the placement of puja room for a home or property, there are 8 prime directions, to begin with, these are as follows:

North-east Zone

This is an auspicious zone where you can keep the idol or picture of Lord Shiva it is also referred to as the Ishanya zone, any other idol of any God or Goddess can be kept in this area for channeling divine energy that will bless you with a fulfilling life. If not possible then next to it you can go for the East zone where the people with career issues will benefit the most in gaining recognition.

shiv and parvati image

Southeast zone

For Goddess Durga devotees this is the most preferred direction but any other deities in direction should not be worshipped as it will lead to financial risks to the residents of the property.

South zone

 Preferable for devotees of Maa Kali or make this direction as your meditation room any other deity worship will not bring any good results.

South-West zone

 Only beneficial to worship Vishwakarma or perform prayers related to him in this direction as it is the zone of the ancestors or the pictures, rites, and rituals related to ancestors can be performed in this zone.


West zone

 This zone is considered or rather dedicated to the Gurus and so it is auspicious to keep the idols or pictures or pray or meditate on your Guru or any Ascended master like Gautam Buddha, or Sai baba or Sikh guru in this direction. Jesus’ worship is also beneficial in this area.

North-west zone

This area should only be used to worship or keep the pictures of deceased ancestors of the family. 

North zone

The ideal area to worship Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, any other deity should not be worshiped in this area or zone, it is an ideal worship area for office, factory temple, and other establishments as well for the same reason.


Following the correct Vastu rules as suggested by the Vastu Consultant for Business and Growth in Dubai will help you lead a prosperous and fulfilling life. For personal details, it is essential to seek a professional Vastu consultant in Dubai

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